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html email client compatibility

HTML compatibility of mailing clients in the age of smartphones

One should mean that email handling in the modern ages of smartphones, should be an easy task if you stick to common web standards. Maybe a little hack here and there to get the mail fit for the different clients behaviours that maybe use earlier internet explorer parsing engines but that should be alright, too.

By working on a special email design in OXID eShop for one of our customers, we learned the difference the hard way. We used a backend email debugging extension tool for oxid eshop to view the first versions directly in the browser and after a few lines of code we ran our first test. Everything looked fine and was responsive in thunderbird, osx mail and office 2016 for mac osx. So we pushed it to our staging systems for further testing it with some software of our client. And here we go: Outlook in Microsoft Windows did not perform very well.

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