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In this category you find useful posts about OXID eShop – the open source cart system and how we use and extend it.

OXID eShop backup management

OXID eShop backup management

Within this article we take a look on how to create full a full backup of your OXID eShop system. With this backup it is possible to bring a crashed OXID eShop system back to live. You will need to have commandline access to finish this tutorial.

An OXID eShop backup consists of two seperate components. The filesystem where your pictures and shop programm code is stored and the database where your product and customer data is stored.

Both components are needed to bring a crashed OXID eShop system back online.

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OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition

OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition

We just got the announcement to get exclusive insights to the new OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition before it even launches. OXID eSales provides official feedback and a question and answering round where you can participate tomorrow at the Internet World in Munich. Markus Baars and collegues will answer all your questions to the new B2B Edition of OXID eShop.

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Third OXID eShop usergroup meeting in Stuttgart

Third OXID eShop usergroup meeting

2th Mai 2017 – in the evening our little user group met for its third user group meeting. This time we were invited to barbeque @ Verdure company above the roofs of the city of stuttgart. Unluckily the weather conditions were not quite as good as expexted so the barbeque was canceled and we ordered some good pizza. A colorful mix of eShop managers, software developers and agency CEOs stuck their heads together to techtalk about our beloved eShop system. Even Marco Steinhäuser the OXID eShop community manager found his way from eastern Germany to stuttgart to lead us through the evening.

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15 useful tipps for oxid eshop owners

15 useful tips to get started with OXID eShop

In this article we share 15 useful tips to get started with OXID eShop as a shopping cart system. Based on the actual responsive template named “Flow”, we point some pitfalls of the system and offer some advices to structure your content. We point out frequently made errors that we discover in our daily business as an OXID eSales partner agency that often gets shop projects that were initially started by non developers.

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