Extension: Html descriptions for OXID eShop shipping methods

Extension: html long description for shipping methods

With the OXID eShop it is possible to offer more than one shipping method for your customers. Shipping methods can have a title and can be chosen in checkout. With each shipping method, you can assign payment methods and country wise shipping rules. But while OXID eShop offers a html long description for payment methods, it doesn’t do so for shipping methods. Our new software extension got you covered in entering html markup descriptions to your payment methods and additionally switches from a select element to a radio button design.

So why do i need to describe these methods with long text?

The checkout process of your webshop should be as easy as possible. Visitors need clear and helpful layouts to get to convert. But sometimes they need a little bit of help content to pass through. Here is where our extension gets in the place.

With our extension you gain the possibility to add text and images to your shipping methods. You are in the position to add html content to describe difficult parts of your page better to help the customer navigate and understand your page.

The advantages are easy to describe

  • You can link load existing cms html content to your shipping methods or add complete new one.
  • You work in your cms structure that you are used to
  • The extension offers multilingual support
  • You can use images, and other media within your cms contents

Look how easy it is to link html content to your shipping methods

If you wish to add an existing html content to your shipping method, navigate to your content and copy the ident value to the corresponding shipping method input field. Your’re done!

The extension lets you add a html cms content ident to load html at your shipping methods.

You can display every content you are already storing in your webshop, or simply add a new one

Add your favorite content to your shipping method by copying the ident value to the shipping method. Work in your favorite cms editor.

Add html descriptions as you do it in standard software of OXID eShop