Powerfood for real software developers

The parcel service visited us twice today. The first unexpected visit arrived just in time for the first coffee. Developer and Netensio owner Michael Felber, still visibly exhausted from early morning sport and a probably work-intensive night, received his first unexpected shipment. Pure surprise, what came out of the package!

Netensio developer chocolate bar with extra coffee

Felix Brodbeck from the online shop ChocQlate.com puts together a personal powerfood package for Oxid Shop developers for Netensio owner and developer Michael Felber. Caffeinated delicacies for the breakfast break and an effective programmer day.

Punctually during lunch break the parcel service rang for the second time!

Wellness and food for real software developers

Wellness and food for real software developers, uncoordinated, in one day! A big thank you to our loyal and good customers Felix Brodbeck from ChocQlate and Andreas Mansfeld from Poolexperte.