OXID eShop hainlin.de - Done in responsive design

OXID responsive template for Kyocera eShop Hainlin

We did it again! Not long ago we launched hainlin.de, the official eShop of Kyocera knives and kitchen tools based on the OXID eShop azure theme. So time passed by and azure was getting older and older and we decided to relaunch hainlin.de on a different theme. This time we go responsive. We migrated the old azure theme to our custom bootstrap based OXID eShop theme bootox, which is supporting four different viewports and the bootstrap three grid system. The eShop owner wanted the design to be not so different to the azure based layout so we sticked mostly to it and modernized the ground laying architecture.

Why did we decide to build a responsive theme for the OXID eShop

Easy answer – the world changes to mobile. We surf on smartphones and tablet computers and keep the internet with us carried in a pocket or bag. So the conclusion is simple, optimizing shops for mobile usage will be a huge benefit for selling online and targeting many different types of devices and user groups.

The world changerd so fast so much the last years and to follow the mobile trend is so important for shop owners that we decide to build response shops only by now.

Most shop owners think that their target audience only buys on a desktop computer. A totally wrong point of view. The target audience won’t buy on mobile phones or tablet computers because their shops are not optimized for these kind of devices. An optimized shopping system can lead to much more conversions from mobile users as they imagine, but if you deliver the same viewport version optimized for desktops to a smartphone viewport, they won’t convert at all.

How is the difference in conversion between responsive and not responsive?

At this point it is to early to look at statistics. But as we retrieve more an more data our statistics will show a bigger amount of mobile usage that was previously not there or left the side on the first page visit.

Especially on tablet computers it’s such a quite good look and feel to surf and visit different shop views.

The difference on smartphone viewports is even more intense. While not responsive layouts are just zoomed in on mobile viewports, responsive themes are showing an outstanding good readability and display the websites content in exact the size it should be looked at. It just fits the screen perfect.

here are some screenshots to give you a little insight of the responsive rollout.

Hainlin.de Oxid eShop with responsive design by Netensio

Responsive Oxid eShop for knives and kitchen products

If you’re interested in porting your OXID eShop solution from azure theme to a responsive template, we got you covered.