OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition

OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition

We just got the announcement to get exclusive insights to the new OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition before it even launches. OXID eSales provides official feedback and a question and answering round where you can participate tomorrow at the Internet World in Munich. Markus Baars and collegues will answer all your questions to the new B2B Edition of OXID eShop.

Additional information about the cycle of repetition for OXID Commons got published, sad but true OXID Commons will be only held every two years from now on. OXID eSales pointed out that its decision was made to keep a high quality agenda and not to make this event a boring one. Everybody who has the time to visit Internet World tomorrow be prepared to get hot information about a special crafted software developer kit provided by OXID eSales. Reason enough to plan a visit at the OXID eSales stand.

OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition

OXID eSales mentioned that it will be ready to rollout by April. A perfect fit solution for middle class businesses with focus on a easy business to business trading that is easy to set up, with a short time to market and an unbeatable return on investment.

New functionality

Part of the core features are the multi-shop solutions with multilingual support for each of the multi shop system. Complete function set for third party users that can be self administrating products and customers, optimized after sales management, specific processes for organizing purchasing products and cost management. All in all a really customizable solution for B2B shop providers.

How much does the B2B Enterprise Edition cost

The B2B Edition is on sale from april on and costs arround EUR 32.000. If you are already a OXID eSales customer you can buy an upgrade license of the B2B Edition for about EUR 20.000. OXID eSales partner agencies provide you with the neccessary information.