Build better page titles for more click traffic from google and co

Get attractive search results at google & co

Not only positions and keyword search volumes count much for online offerings. Attractive and interesting page titles and meta information are as much responsible for click through traffic to your pages. Content quality richness and a bit of quantity are playing a great role to make you rank in the search engines. To long titles will be displayed truncated and you lose click through traffic.

Get click strong organic search results with our OXID eShop page title extension. Watch this picture to see how it implements to the OXID eShop cart software.

The extension overloads the OXID eShop object titles

We overload article, category, homepage and content objects with new title options

By implementing this piece of software to your OXID eShop cart system, you ganin the possibility to overload articles, categories, content pages and homepage titles with an alternative logic. Move your titles away from the standard category titles and be able to fill in rich document titles that are different from navigation menu item names.

Please be patient as google might not instant take your new titles as a click title result, but in most cases our experience was that it did happen a few days after the implementation was completed and the new titles were shown after the google bot recognized the changes.

It might will be faster to use a sitemap plugin to get your pages more often crawled and to get your changes faster displayed in search result pages.