This was the second OXID UG meeting in Stuttgart

This was the second OXID UG meeting in Stuttgart

Yesterday evening OXID eShop operators and OXID eShop developers met for the second Usergroup meeting in Stuttgart. The topics e-commerce marketing and connecting the shop system to third party systems were on the agenda. In fact, only e-commerce marketing was discussed, which already exceeded the time frame. In addition, the next OXID eShop UG meetings will be split into e-commerce operators and OXID eShop developers in order to be able to respond more specifically to the thirst for knowledge of the respective parties. Thus we are facing the task of organizing two meetings.

Shopbetreiber und Entwickler im Gespräch um das Thema E-Commerce Marketing
Tim Schommer und Marcel Grolms über E-Commerce Marketing im Oxid UG Meeting
Auf eine Pizza mit den Oxid Entwicklern und Shop Betreibern von Stuttgart
Marcel Grolms über Marketingstrategien im Onlinehandel mit Oxid
Michael Felber über Content Marketing und Big Data in E-Shops
Oxid Betreiber und Entwickler zur Diskussionsrunde E-Commerce Werbung

There are plenty of marketing measures in e-commerce. These topics of shop marketing were specified by us:

Content Marketing
Digitisation of print media, creation of theme worlds and "community-controlled content", blogging and storytelling in e-commerce
email marketing
How do I increase the number of readers in email marketing? How can I make the content of an e-mail more precise, transition to the topic of Big Data
Big Data Shops
Data mining and the creation of logical links in content/email marketing strategies based on identified user interests
affiliate marketing
Which providers are there? Cost/benefit discussion about the purchase of affiliate traffic
TV Advertising
Marcel Grolms ( gives an insight into e-commerce TV spots on Sky & Co.

As already mentioned above, the timing of the evening was overrun by the topic of e-commerce marketing, so we had to postpone the topic of the OXID eShop and the connection to third-party systems (much to the regret of our OXID developers). To counteract this, we will hold two UG meetings in the future. The focus of the splitting into operator and developer meetings will be to deepen the individual areas of interest of the different parties.

Meetings for shop operators will be much less technical and thus more in-depth on the operator level, but shop developers are still welcome to attend.

Developer meetings will be much more technical and deepened on the developer level. Shop operators who register for the developer meeting must be prepared for technical language and code talk.

Despite the loss of the topic "connection to third-party systems", the meeting was a success. The exchange among each other and the arising questions and topics of conversation opened up new perspectives for many. We are looking forward to meetings three and four.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tim Schommer ( again for providing the premises and the nice evening.

See you next time.

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