Online shop formulate article descriptions correctly

Online shop formulate article descriptions correctly

If you want to survive in the online business in the long term, you have to describe your offered articles properly. Compared to sales in a regular specialty store, there is no direct sales conversation in e-commerce. The customer also has to do without other sensory perceptions such as the scent or feel of a package in the online shop, some of the senses have simply not been influenced so far. By means of article descriptions, illustrations, product pictures or other audiovisual content, the visitor gets a better picture of your articles. Article descriptions are generally decisive for the purchase in an online shop.

Not only for products that are particularly difficult to explain and difficult to understand you should take the time to write well-structured and detailed article descriptions, but also for products that are supposed to be easy to understand. Good online shop item descriptions and high-resolution images are a great decision support for your visitors and high-quality content offers your customers real added value. At the same time, with the careful and well thought-out formulation of online shop item descriptions you also ensure more extensive indexing with regard to Google.

How do I formulate an item description correctly?

Let's imagine that we would like to buy a new wardrobe, but do not know exactly which model it will be in the end. Therefore, the first thing we do is to set a price limit of 1000 Euros in total and filter out products that fit into our budget. After we have filtered out the wardrobes that come into question for us, we then turn to the features that are ultimately decisive for us to buy.

These characteristics are, subject to availability, for example colour and dimensions, storage space and its construction and possibly the warranty and services of the supplier or manufacturer. You will certainly find more features that would fit our example. However, we are satisfied with the mentioned features for the time being and turn to the usual forms of presentation in common online shops.

Conspicuously often one finds these forms of representation

  • Sorted characteristic list
  • Lists and flow text
  • brief informative sentences
  • unsorted characteristic listing

Ultimately, the respective product and personal preference is probably the decisive factor in determining the form of presentation in which you should formulate your article descriptions. However, an unsorted enumeration of article features can generally be discouraged, as they can quickly cause confusion among visitors. Probably the most promising form of presentation consists of a combination of sorted listings of characteristics and a detailed article long text. In terms of content, the detailed article long text usually consists of the definition of a target group or a problem, as well as advantages and facts about the product, which counteract the defined problem or affect the target group accordingly.

Will my online shop visitors always be convinced to buy the wardrobe in my shop due to the better article description? That certainly not, because every person reacts individually and attaches importance to different factors. Also, visitors who already know your item in detail are more likely to pay attention to factors such as price and shipping costs than visitors who discover your item for the first time. Customers who research the cheapest price on the net are also very difficult to convince of a more expensive purchase price via other features. Fortunately, the net is not only made up of penny-pinchers but also of users who want to be inspired by item descriptions and be convinced by good service. Exactly for this group of people it is important to present yourself as an expert and specialist for your product group, because for good service a customer likes to pay a little more money.

Avoid grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes in your article descriptions. If you should make a typing error, this is not that bad, but typing errors are a common thread running through the whole shop, which makes it look very unprofessional. Check your texts before publication and let third parties read them to be sure of a certain quality level. Only after these checks have been successfully completed do you publish the article description text in your online shop. At this point, make a note of the average time your article page stays in Google Analytics to be able to read a trend in a few days. Please note that meaningful statistics can only be generated after a certain amount of traffic, so please allow enough time for the statistics to be generated.

Online shop item descriptions for material items

In the case of material articles, i.e. products with which you can interact, article descriptions usually only refer to the range of functions and properties in order to address the interest of the relevant target group. Simple bikes, for example, can be described as entry-level models, while racing bikes and specially equipped bikes are more likely to appeal to the target group of professional riders. Especially in the professional sector, potential customers attach great importance to exact specifications of features, here often only minimal differences are decisive for buying.

Onlineshop Article descriptions for intangible items and services

Intangible items, i.e. products and services that are not tangible, such as Software or insurances are often harder to sell than tangible items. Also the description of services or software is very different from the description of material items. There is much more emphasis on the so-called "story telling". Arouse curiosity for the application of a software with your product texts or convince your shop visitor with the illustration of various use cases. Bring the experiences of existing customers into your product description and tell a case from a customer's perspective.

Mandatory markings in online shop item descriptions

Some article groups must contain certain mandatory information, if these are not listed, your online shop can be warned. These mandatory details can, for example, consist of labels such as energy efficiency or hazardous goods labels for flammable or irritable ingredients. In any case, legal advice is the smartest way to familiarise yourself with the current legal situation regarding your mandatory labels.

Search engines are happy about good online shop article descriptions

Anyone who formulates well thought-out and detailed online shop article descriptions is also doing valuable work in terms of readability by search engines. If your content is good enough, this is often rewarded by a better ranking on Google and Co. and therefore more traffic. Avoid too frequent repetitions of keywords in your online shop article descriptions and always write for your visitors and not for the search engine. Always remember, outstanding content generates more backlinks in the long run, because your text can be used as a reference or source.

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