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The structure of product titles, category titles and HTML page titles is important to get visitors of online shops interested and to understand what is meant. A good structure helps to convey and organise the content better.

For product titles, it is important to mention the name of the product and, if applicable, important attributes such as size, colour or material. This way, the customer can immediately see if the product meets his or her needs. It is also helpful to use keywords that are frequently used in search engines so that the product can be found more easily.

Category titles should also be clear and precise and show the customer what to expect in the category. They should form a heading for the category and must not be too long. HTML page titles are important to describe the content of the page and make it more findable for search engines. They should be short and concise and reflect the content of the page.

It is also important that all titles are easy to read and do not contain too many technical terms or abbreviations. Customers should understand the title at first glance and not feel confused by complicated terms or unclear wording.

Overall, it is important that titles are clear and precise and describe the content of the page or product well. They should be easy to read and understand and should not be too long. With a good structure and the use of keywords, they can also help the page to be found better by search engines.

It is important to use keywords that are relevant to the online shop and generate the highest traffic. Keyword research can help to find the right keywords and increase traffic to the website.

There are several ways to find the right keywords. One way is to use keyword tools that display frequently searched terms. It is also helpful to take a cue from the terms that are already used on the website and expand or refine them if necessary.

Another option is to research competitors. It can be worthwhile to look at which keywords are used by competitors and whether these are also relevant for your own online shop.

Keyword research is therefore important to find the right keywords and increase traffic to the website. It should be done before creating titles to ensure that the keywords used are actually relevant and bring the desired success.

When selecting keywords and creating titles, you should also keep the search intentions of the users in focus. Search intentions describe the reason why a user makes a search query.

There are different types of search intentions, such as
:Information interest: The user wants to find out about a specific topic and is looking for information or facts.
Navigational interest: The user wants to navigate to a specific web page and is looking for the name of the web page or the exact link.
Transactional interest: The user wants to buy or reserve something and is looking for products or services.

When it comes to selling products, it is important to use DO Intent keywords. These keywords indicate a transactional interest and indicate that the user is ready to buy something. Examples of DO intent keywords are "buy", "order" or "price comparison".

It is important to use DO Intent keywords in titles to attract the attention of users who are actually ready to buy something. By using DO Intent keywords, the titles can be more targeted and effective and the conversion rate of the online shop can be increased.

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