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Customer success story

Professional core drilling equipment and industrial machines for the construction industry and trade

Netensio completed a smooth switch of our shop software from Gambio to OXID eShop

As Kernlochbohrer GmbH, we chose OXID eShop in our search for a suitable online shop system and awarded the development of our project to the OXID eShop agency Netensio .

We were looking for a strong partner to support us in building our international trading platform and came across the agency on the recommendation of a long-standing Netensio customer and friend. The cooperation with Netensio convinced us completely.

The decision to use OXID eShop as our new shop system was an easy choice for us, as it optimally met our requirements for a modern and efficient platform.

One of the most important reasons for us was the multilingualism of the system. As an internationally active manufacturer of construction and handicraft machinery, it was important for us to be able to address our customers in their own language. Thanks to OXID eShop we can implement this without any problems.

Furthermore, our decision was supported by the outstanding stability of the system. The reliability of the shop system is of crucial importance to us, as we want to ensure the smoothest and most trouble-free uptime possible.

Another important factor is the resource efficiency of OXID eShop. The system is very lightweight and offers us good performance with low resource requirements.

Lastly, we also chose OXID eShop because the system is easy to scale. Our business is growing and it is important that in the future we can expand our offerings with more features without limitations. With OXID eShop we have a system that offers us the necessary flexibility and scalability.

Overall, it was a clear decision in favour of OXID eShop as our new shop system, and the cooperation with the OXID eShop agency Netensio provided us with invaluable support.

The cooperation between Netensio and Kernlochbohrer is simply great and unbeatably pleasant

Thanks to Netensio, the switch from the previous system Gambio to OXID eShop was completed completely smoothly and within a very short time, and we were able to successfully launch our new online offering. The new shop convinces with a modern design, easy navigation and modern technology, which is optimally adapted to our needs as a manufacturer of construction and handicraft machinery.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the OXID eShop agency Netensio. The cooperation was simply great and unbeatable. We are convinced that with we have laid the foundation for the successful sale of our products in the online sector. Thank you, Netensio!


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