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We are OXID eShop professionals

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Our main work is to help companies getting up selling products on the web or support existing web projects getting better day by day.

We consult companies and teach them the knowledge they need to sell their products and services effectively.

Lets talk about your plans, we offer you a free first contact meeting in our business center.

The conditions we talk about in the first phone call are an indicator if we can work with our solutions or need to find other partners for you.

Within a personal workshop we discuss milestones for your project and begin the real planning phase.

Precise planning is the first step to achive your goals on the web markets.

OXID eShop, designs in planning phase.
OXID eShop, finished designs as a browser screenshot.

Our second step is to build the software and to get the planned milestones done to a software system.

  • All functions and milestones are defined
  • The final shop design is approved for programming
  • The development process starts

We stay in touch all the time while developing your software project. At a defined developing stage you get access to our preview servers.

You have always the option to rearrange tasks and goals while development is ongoing.

OXID eShop certified - it's a matter of quality.
We are OXID certified and offer the full range of OXID eShop editions.

Last but not least we offer customizations to nearly every function that can be useful to your workflow.

We also analyse your system for possible performance bottlenecks, bugs and issues that maybe come with the framework.

Our shop optimizations extend the core functionality of OXID eShop software and add many useful functions which makes the difference between your projects and your competitors projects.