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No matter if you need consulting services for an ecommerce project, for scaling possibilites, internationalization or for marketing related topics or maybe optimizations. Netensio offers the services you need to achive your ecommerce goals. We consult certain groups of ecommerce people - from shop owners to developers or even agencies. No matter if you have a custom tailored shop solution or a webshop solution made by an OXID eShop partner agency. We stand for excellent consulting services and guide you from picking a goal to achieving it. Providing consulting services is not even enough for us as an ecommerce provider, so we decided to share knowledge on different ways to get you closer to your goals. We offer blog posts and information pages for free to share knowledge on an easy understandable and not time consuming way. We offer seminars and presentations in understandable language and even share code samples to help you succeed with your web project. Some evenings in the year we offer usergroup meetings to speak about common software specific problems or to discuss solutions other agencies provide. Step by step we share our knowledge to offer you a stable growth of your business.

Our experts analyize projects from different points of view like performance, usability, customer journey, stability, response times and security.

There for our team uses specially crafted tools to find weak or vulnerable parts of your software or interface.

Within our consulting service meetings we offer you tipps for optimization of your data and provide solutions for detected issues in your software.

We even offer valuable help to make your business better step by step.

In addition to our technical help, we provide you tips and tricks for the right marketing solutions and better data structurizations.

To accomplish your daily tasks as a ecommerce seller, our team provides tailored coachings based on your cart system and software.

We share the knowledge you need to drive your software as flexible as it needs to be in the daily changing markets. The skills of managing your shop are essential for your ecommerce success so don't be affraid to waste time in learning some new system. We coach you single or group wise, you decide.

We even provide coachings in your companies rooms, so just ask for a date and we meet up in a familliar location under real business circumstances. Lets start something great together.