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Is your online shop too slow? Let our experts analyze your software and technology.

We from Netensio find specific weak points and speed brakes in your shop software and optimize these points. The success of these measures is measurable and noticeable.

If you are not yet using an optimized system, we will be happy to help you make the necessary optimizations.

The speed of the shop system has a great influence on the buying behaviour of the customers. With slow shops, many customers abandon the purchase before the order is completed.

OXID eShop Performance Optimierung

Tablet, Smartphone, PC and TV - There are so many different devices and screen sizes with which you can surf the Internet as never before.

This makes it all the more important to be able to operate the online shop in a user-friendly manner on the various devices. In addition, the shop can be controlled by remote control, touch or mouse.

Netensio optimizes your online shop usability on smartphones as well as on tablets through Responsive Design.

Your customers receive the best user guidance for their used device through our shop optimization.

OXID eShop im agilen Workflow

We ensure better rankings in the search engines, optimize content with regard to readability and ensure continuous growth of your shop as an expert platform with rich information potential.

Because only those who offer high quality and content and are constantly growing will be better rated by the search engines and visited much more often.

With our optimizations you use the full potential of Google search results and get more visitors by placing the right information at the right place.

We would be happy to advise you on an individual optimization of your online shop.