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Responsive Oxid eShop project based on the community edition of the shop framework. The project owner sells choclate and do it yourself choclate kits.

We were hired to manage the affiliate network integration. Our solution provides data interchange with systems.

Mineutec GmbH

Printer eshop, printers and printer utilities. Refurbishment and HP service partner. We developed individual solutions for OXID eShop customization. (Eugen Schmidt GmbH)

A Netensio and Suabo Software co deveopment solution for this responsive webshop with Alphaplan ERP 4 connectivity.


A golf sports eshop system. This for example is a customer shop that uses our Google Shopping connector software.


A performance sports eshop system as another example of a customer shop that uses our Google Shopping connector software.

Kyocera Onlineshop

The official kyocera onlineshop powered by hainlin stuttgart. Ceramic products and kitchen tools. This shop was closed in 2018.

Sauna Experte

Expert wellness eshop system all arround sauna products. Netensio developed this shop for many years and we also manage the shops daily support.

DachTools GmbH

CAD software and modules marketplace of Udo Kraft. Responsive OXID eshop solution and a clone of

3D-DachCAD (SDS-Systems GmbH)

Software and module marketplace of SDS-Systems. SDS-Systems developed the first webbased CAD application for roofers.

Vereinsbedarf Deitert

Unite and seek eshop retailer. Vereinsbedarf Deitert uses the Google Merchant Center Oxid eShop interface by Netensio.

Browser-App DachCAD

Building roofs on a smartphone, tablet or desktop system. The first webbased CAD application by SDS-Systems.

Mobile Mojo Modulkunde

E-Commerce agencies like mobilemojo integrate our solutions in their daily work.

Hoffer Hard & Software

Hoffer Hard & Software counts on our Google Merchant Center interface, too.


Everything about lighting solutions for business stores. Netensio eshop solution for this light and lightbulb distributor.

Clemens Hobbytec

Gardening products and gardening solutions.

Steri-Tech GmbH

Medicin technology, sterilization products and utilities for the medical sector powered by Netensio Software.

LED Markt Niederrhein

LED technology and utilities powered by OXID eShops cart system and our individual software customizations.

HP printer and printer utilities store and service partner of HP.

Webshop for farm animal products like food and health care.

Contact lenses, goggles and cleaners.

Coins, banknotes and worth letters eshop from Berlin powered by Netensio.

Experts webshop for swimming pools and pool accessoires.

OXID eShop system that sells professional growking light systems on LED basis.

Manufacturer and distributor of heavy duty shelfs and storage facility