Catalogdata management in OXID eShop

Guide on how to manage product and category data in OXID eShop

Lear innovative product handling to create impressive catalog data.

You can create as many products or product categories as you like. The OXID eShop system does not limit the amount of data beeing entered into the system. The OXID eShop administration tool lets you enter and structure your product data.

You can enter product data like: Name, product number, shortdescription, longdescription, stock data, GTIN data, product pictures. All the data can be entered and changed via the admin interface.

You can enter as many categories as you want to structurize your catalog data and to help your customers find products faster.

Add articles to categories or categories to articles by using the built in drag and drop interface. Articles added to categories show up in the shops category productlists in the shop frontend. Productlists can be presorted by an immense amount of datafields like price or title.

Shop visitors may change the sorting of categories to their specific needs.

The shopping cart solutions accepts different kinds of products. Beneath the classic material products, you can even offer services or digital goods like music downloads or software products.

Offer software, ebooks, music or contracts easy with your webshop. Digital products may be downloaded directly after the purchase or must await autorization of the shop owner, it's your choice.

Enrich your catalog data by adding datasheets in any kind of dataformat. By adding downloads, manuals or further documents to your product data you build up a huge stock of information and service about your catalog.

Customers love it if you add media content to your products. From video content to print media all options are possible to enrich your content.

Manage picture content of your products with ease. The administration panel has an uploading service which also resizes your pictures to an predefinable size, format and quality level.

The generated picture content gets optimized and reszed automatically so that even users with low bandwith benefit from a good framework performance.

If customers buy products in your webshop, the shop offers an automation to request product reviews from your customers. These reviews can be moderated and published after reviewing or directly after they where written.

A five star rating system additionally adds value to your products so customers can easily filter products by most rated or lowest rated products without taking time to read a full review.

Define many different price options in your cart software. Prices may vary by amount of purchase or if a customer is in a specific customer group. Even unit prices can be calculated by the cart system if you specifiy a price and size measurement. Even product variations can have different prices or price changes by different amounts. There is even a possibility to change prices during the day by an automation process.

By offering discounts and vouchers you gain new daily visitors and customers. Discounts or vouchers can be set to absolute or procentual values. They can even be set to specific articles, categories or user groups. Even combinations can be achieved, you can for example set an discount if a user reaches a specific cart total value.