Framework particularities

Special features of the webshop software

In search for a special eshop software? What about an OXID eShop solution?

Import data without beeing bound to structural boundaries or limitations.

The integrated import and export tools help you managing and sharing your ecommerce data in a notime.

Work efficiently and fast on thousands of datasets just in seconds.

The search engine firendly architecture of OXID eShop software guarantees a brief benefit above the other solutions on the framework market.

The shop handles search engine friendly url's by its own but is also ready to get customized in every part of the url building process.

Wether you have just one deposit or many deposit locations, OXID eShop can handle and communicate them to your customers. You can also let the system mark products with longer delivery times.

Let stock numbers run into negative counts or stop selling them until they are on stock again automatically.

A traffic light system indicates product stocks to your visitors, but you can even turn the feature completely off if you need no stocks at all.

Generate PDF invoices for your customers and send them electronically via email.

Even invoices by factoring companies can be generated and merged with your orders.

Netensio is a German ecommerce company and builds software in conformity with the German laws. The german internet law is on of the strongest in the world, so we have to handle a lot of rules to manage to be law conform. To stay up to date with law changes we trust or partners from trusted shops.

Products often belong together and therefore it is important to show them to your customers as easy as possible. Show these products together to benefit from higher upsellings.

Add attributes and specifications to your products data. With this data it is possible to filter out exactly the products your customers search out of thousands of online prodcuts in a notime.

An integrated content management system lets you publish content beside your products with ease. Generate your own custom html pages even if you have no programming skills at all. Attach documents, images, downloads to your content. It is easy and even possible in many different languages.

Beside the specifications manager, you product might need to be displayed in different variations. Get this job done by using the built in product variations manager.

The combination of product variations and specifications is a real powerful tool to display product data the way you want it.