Modular framework scalability

Scale your business solution with modular software extensions

Future technology stands never still - it's an ongoing process of improvement and scaling. Beside updates to your software framework we have to manage customizations and keep them alive and running even if a framework software gets updated. To prevent data and feature losses, the shop framework offers a modular way of getting functions tailored to your needs or even to get new functionality inside the framework. The modular software overrides functions in the basic frameworks code without overwriting the core files. So minor updates will not interfere with your customized environment. Modular development is an effective way to customize your cart software solution to exactly your needs without breaking update functionality. Sure we do not know what happens in the future but the modular framework offers a good way to keep up to date with just minor modular software changes in case an update is changing the system drastically. By updating your software in local environments and testing them extensively in staging systems we can deploy uptodate solutions without interrupting your service. By using the modular framework of OXID eShop it is possible to add functionality and templates or to build logic to interact with third party software like enterprise ressource planning or customer relations management tools. Even marketplaces can be filled with data in automatic processes. The use of the modular framework of OXID eShop offers a never ending list of possibilities to benefit from. Scale your ebusiness with a low time to market, and without the risk of staying not up to date with the framework. If you like to get more information on how Netensio is building customizations for the modular framework just get in touch with our team.