Oxid eShop Lexicon & eCommerce Glossary:

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The delivery address for an order in the Oxid system is called delivery address. When ordering with a delivery address that differs from the billing address, a second address to which the goods are to be shipped or the service is to be provided is queried during the ordering process. Details or detail view is the article view in Oxid eShop which only information about the respective article and its properties can be seen. On the detail view in the shop you get the highest possible level of information about the selected product and can then put it into the shopping cart and buy it. Discounts in Oxid are discounts or rebates, which can be triggered by either discount campaigns or a high purchase price. Both surcharges and discounts can be realized. Surcharges or discounts can be applied to groups of articles or even individual articles. Discounts or surcharges can be granted to user groups as well as to individual customers. A still quite young technology in e-commerce is digital shopping, the purchase of downloads in an online shop. Examples of download shops are music shops (MP3) or movie stream platforms. Also eBook stores are becoming increasingly popular.