Oxid eShop Lexicon & eCommerce Glossary:

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The navigation of an online shop is the control of the shop system, which must be operated by the visitor. Make navigation as simple and intuitive as possible so that as many visitors as possible understand how to move through your system. The easier the visitors can move the more likely they are to generate more orders in the shop. Every online shop lives from news and current events. Do not offer your customers interesting topics and events around your product, your pages will be much less interesting than those of your competitors. So invest time in content building on a regular basis and offer your customers information about your special field. Actively arouse interest and curiosity about your products and turn this curiosity into conversion. Oxid eShop offers a customer group specific newsletter tool. With this tool you can send news, updates and current offers to your customers by e-mail. Keep your subscribers regularly updated on the latest news about your products and secure a place in the memory of your visitors. The no-follow feature is shown by many hyperlinks on the Internet to which the site operators do not want to refer to, or distance themselves from the content. Google has introduced the no-follow attribute to invalidate link power for hyperlinks to which no reference is made in the document providing the link.