Oxid eShop Lexicon & eCommerce Glossary:

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The Offline.html in Oxid is displayed as soon as your shop cannot establish a database connection or you have deactivated the active button under "Master data" - "Basic settings". Please note that your browser cache may have to be emptied after reactivating the shop. Otherwise you will still get the offline.html of the shop although it is active. Oxid eSales released its Oxid eShop open source version, the Community Edition, a few years ago. Besides the Professional Edition and the Enterprise Edition, the Community Edition is Oxid the only open source version of the shop system. An order is defined as Oxid eShop an order that has been received or is yet to be placed. In the administration of the Oxid eShop s under "Manage orders" - "Orders" you will find a list of all orders received in the Oxid Shop . In addition, the shop system informs you automatically via e-mail about new orders in the shop. The company Oxid eSales with headquarters in Freiburg and Halle is the developer of the Oxid framework with the Oxid eShop . There Oxid eShop is a large community of developers around the framework and almost all third party products of the eCommerce market can be connected. Overloadable classes are construction plans of objects in the Oxid Shop , which can be adapted or overloaded by modules. These classes can be extended and overloaded in an update conform way and are therefore perfectly suited for modular development.