Oxid eShop Lexicon & eCommerce Glossary:

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Oxid eSales offers the partnership to companies that Oxid eShop sell or offer software solutions. The partner concept of Oxid ensures barrier-free communication between manufacturers and developer agencies and has once again brought Oxid eSales a step forward. If you have a customer account, Oxid Shop you can log into the system with your customer number or e-mail and your password. If it has been some time since your last login and you may not remember your password, you Oxid eShop can reset your password. To do this, enter the corresponding e-mail on the Forgot Password page and you will receive an e-mail containing a link where you can reset your password. The majority of online purchases are now paid via payment providers such as PayPal. PayPal offers a free and secure service to process payments worldwide. Via Oxid eFire and other third party modules you can easily integrate PayPal into yours Oxid Shop and offer your customers PayPal as payment. Performance means speed and is one of the decision makers in e-commerce development whether a shop can generate the highest possible turnover from a technical development point of view. Offer your customers a fast system and your customers will thank you in the form of conversion. In Oxid you can define certain input fields as mandatory fields when registering or creating alternative addresses. This means that these fields are so-called "mandatory" input fields. Fields in which information must be entered. PHP is one of the programming languages in which the Oxid framework was developed. Next to HTML, jQuery and SMARTY PHP is the main language of the Oxid MVC framework. From Oxid eShop version 4.8.0 on, Oxid eSales ends support for PHP in version 5.2 and you must upgrade to at least PHP version 5.3 to use this shop version. Portlets are modules from Oxid eFire. So-called modules which are provided Oxid especially for the platform eFire. In order to use portlets you need to have an Oxid eFire account and Oxid Shop connect it to the eFire account using the Shop Connector. If the connector is already attached, all portlets can be activated or deactivated independently. Oxid eShop offers visitors the possibility to negotiate individual discounts via the price alarm function. The Oxid administrator receives an overview of all requests from the price alarm function and decides whether the request price of the inquirer is possible or not. Whether surcharge or not, you are in direct contact with a visitor and have already overcome 90% of the hurdle to purchase. Oxid eSales offers its shop software Oxid eShop in the Community Edition, Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition. Professional Edition customers receive vendor support and service directly from Oxid eSales. The code of the Professional Edition is encrypted and virtually identical to the source code of the open Community Edition. Updates are also offered by Oxid eSales. Patches and security updates are offered for both the Oxid eShop Professional Edition and the Oxid eShop Community Edition.