Oxid eShop Lexicon & eCommerce Glossary:

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Tabs are the individual tabs above the item description on the item detail page in the Oxid eShop . The tabs were implemented with jQuery UI and can be extended as desired by module or directly in the template. The tabs offer visitors a high level of comfort and ensure that the focus on the product remains in the shop. Only the information that is essential is displayed. With tags, it Oxid Shop offers the function to track down articles using keyword clouds. The more often a keyword appears in the tag list of your articles, the larger it is displayed in the template and the more products can be found under it. The navigation by tags is an alternative way to find articles by their properties in the shop. A template is the combination of design and content elements in the software. For example, if you have a shop design as an image, the templating ensures that the shop can present the design and content in the form as on your image. Top Category is a category or product group in the Oxid Shop first level. They form the root of the category tree. Oxid Action on the home page about the most sold products in the shop (auto mode). If manual mode is active, articles assigned to the promotion are displayed.