Netensio OXID eShop extensions marketplace

Welcome to the Netensio marketplace for OXID eShop extensions. All products can be purchased online and are provided as digital downloads.

OXID eShop software and services

Extend your eshop with our downloads, zero developer knowledge ist needed. Additionally ask our integration team for installations and extensive customizations.

Extend the functionality of OXID eShop with our software extensions

Netensio is a long term OXID eShop professional service provider. We have a long history in customizing the cart software and know nearly every piece of the software.

From functional modifications to interfaces and connectors to third party software, we offer extensions that fit your needs as a eshop owner.

Beside the extensions we offer templates and template customizations

On top of our individual programming solutions, we provide software extensions that fit in nearly every OXID eShop version.

We heavily take care to support all basic functionality of OXID eShop framework in our template solutions so you can work as you would expect it within the standard templates. But if you ever miss something, we sure can handle to implement your feature requests in an upcoming version of a custom tailored solution.

Oxid Designs

For some of our templates we offer different design packs for customization.

Especially for the Bootox and Flow OXID eShop template we craft designs and functional features for every display size to keep your shop solutions as flexible as possible.

Fast and competent high quality support

Whenever problems occur with your eshop, call us or send us a support ticket and request help. We are glad to help you and to fix your problems and to implement your features in a notime.