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OXID eSales shop optimisation

We optimise the loading time and increase the stability of your OXID eSales shop system and thus relieve your hosting infrastructure, so that even a high number of parallel accesses is possible without any problems.

Your advantages

Professional measurable OXID eSales shop software optimisations


Our measures are not secrets

Optimise code and database

We uncover vulnerabilities in the code and fix them. We replace slow database queries with fast ones to unleash the full performance potential of your OXID eShop.

Server and client optimisation

We perform server-side and client-side optimisations to ensure that requests to your online shop are delivered quickly and can be received and displayed quickly.

Optimisation of the shop cache

By using modern caching mechanisms, we reduce the response time of your OXID eShop system to a few milliseconds, even when using numerous customisations or pages with a lot of content.

Optimisation of static content

There are numerous formats and many compression methods available to you for providing static content such as images, videos and downloads. We show you the best formats and optimise your file size.

Mobile First Optimisation

The internet is spreading rapidly, even in your pants or handbag is a device with which you can go online. We ensure an optimal shopping experience from smartphone to TV set.

Server load optimisation

Through intelligent automated load distribution across several physical or virtual systems, we ensure that there is always enough capacity available for each individual software process.

Let us optimise your shop

Your OXID online shop is analysed by our experts and you receive a detailed evaluation of the potential of the possible measures. We will be happy to help you achieve a better shop with precise and measurable steps.

Benefit from our many years of experience with the OXID eShop Framework today and let our skills work their magic on you.


What our customers appreciate about Netensio

– Deep framework knowledge

Years of experience in the construction of optimised e-commerce systems.

Precision work
- precise problem solving

We find the exact causes of problems and solve them at the root.

Cost efficiency
- No unnecessary measures

Optimisation measures always take into account costs and benefits.


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