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Individual onlineshop software extensions

Oxid eShop extensions

OXID frontend extensions
for a rich user experience.
OXID admin extensions
optimize administrative workflows.
Interface software
for exchanging and sharing data.
Analization software
for watching stability and processes

Extend your OXID eShop software without being a programmer

Our OXID eShop software extensions are easy to install and most of them are solutions where no line of code must be written by the customer to finish the integration. If you are uncertain of installing our product feel free to book our installation service.

Uncertain if our software will run on your system?

When you feel uncertain about the compatibility between our software and your application, just have a look at our compatibility chart. We provide additional valuable information about compatibility also in our software installation manuals and wiki pages.

Modern OXID templates

Lets build your individual OXID eShop template

Netensio project customers enjoy our professional individual template development skills for OXID eShop. We create performant, mobile first responsive shop templates.

Professional templates handcrafted for your company

Wether crazy, classic, modern or in corporate identity - We design your shop template to your needs. When it comes to individuality as an ecommerce provider, let's design a template from scratch. Let's design your individual OXID eShop company.

Consulting by experts

Consulting about ecommerce trends and technologies

Uncertain if our software fits your specific company needs? Let's figure out all special processes that need to be built in a workshop together with our developers and software consultants. We are here to answer all your ecommerce related questions, wether you are an ecommerce rookie or own a eshop solution already.

Setup service, extension support and documentations

We know ecommerce language easily can sound kind of nerdish. We help to keep you up on track with our documentations in easy and understandable language. If you come accross fold concepts you don't understand you can file us a ticket or read further information in our help center pages. Netensio E-Commerce experts are always trend focused to provide you the fastest and most reliable technologies possible. If you are interested in our daily work read further information and stories on our blog pages.

Discover Netensio

You wanna scale your ecommerce? Then welcome to our websites where we provide valuable tips and tricks to help you achieve your ecommerce goals. At Netensio you find software extensions, tipps and tricks to optimize your workflow, topics to help you with your daily work as developer, as a content designer or shop owner. Even if you never got in touch with the ecommerce topic we provide a good way to get you started.

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OXID glossary - just have a look!

Be sure to take a look at our OXID eShop glossary

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Philipp Schmitt

Netensio hat unseren bestehenden Shop übernommen und im Zuge der langjährigen Zusammenarbeit dabei geholfen, ein agiles Projektmanagement aufzubauen, um unsere Entwicklungsprozesse möglichst effizient skalieren zu können.

Philipp Schmitt

Leiter IT - Topregal GmbH

Andreas Mansfeld

Die Partnerschaft mit Netensio brachte uns zahlreiche Vorteile hinsichtlich des Wachstums unserer E-Commerce Plattform. Durch die langjährige Zusammenarbeit konnten unsere Systeme perfekt auf die Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden abstimmt werden.

Andreas Mansfeld

Geschäftsleitung - Sauna Experte

Trudbert Werner

Als internationaler Großhandel für Leuchten und Leuchtmittel stellen wir hohe Anforderungen an Software, Infrastruktur und Partner. Netensio wird diesen Anforderungen mehr als gerecht.

Trudbert Werner

Geschäftsführer - Leuchtstark GmbH

Sabine Seyboth

Für die tolle Zusammenarbeit und eine immer passende Lösung auf alle Fragen und Wünsche möchten wir uns bei euch herzlich bedanken. Es ist schön, dass wir in euch einen zuverlässigen und gewissenhaften Partner gefunden haben.

Sabine Seyboth

Geschäftsführerin - Hainlin & Co.