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Customer success story

We'll make you sweat!

Successfully selling relaxation together

Saunaexperte is a successful online shop from Mannheim that specialises in sauna and wellness products. The shop was developed by Netensio on the OXID eShop Enterprise platform.

The shop offers a wide range of products, from sauna cabins and replacement heating rods for sauna ovens to sauna fragrances and wellness accessories. Thanks to the user-friendly navigation and the clear product presentation, customers can find the right product quickly and easily.

The integration of payment and shipping options, as well as the possibility to leave ratings and reviews, makes the buying process as easy and pleasant as possible for customers.

Saunaexperte also benefits from OXID eShop's extensive analysis and marketing tools, which enable the shop to better understand customer needs and implement targeted marketing measures.

By working with Netensio , Saunaexperte has been able to significantly increase its online sales and has established itself as one of the leading German suppliers of sauna and wellness products.

The online shop Saunaexperte has experienced a significant improvement in terms of organic ranking and conversion rate thanks to Netensio . Netensio has carried out extensive optimisation measures here in order to place Saunaexperte better in search engines and improve the user experience on the website.

Achieving the optimum together

One of the most important measures was on-page optimisation. Netensio revised the structure and content of the website to ensure that it met the requirements of the search engines. This included optimising the meta tags, headings and content to ensure that they contain relevant keywords and are well structured. Another important element was off-page optimisation. Netensio carried out measures here to increase the popularity of the website and thereby gain the trust of customers. This included extensive marketing interfaces and the use of social media to increase the visibility of Saunaexperte .

Netensio also improved the user experience on the website to increase conversion rates. This included optimising the navigation, adjusting the layout and creating product pages that are clear and informative.

By implementing these optimisation measures, Saunaexperte achieved a much better organic ranking and saw a much higher conversion rate. This led to an increase in online sales and a far higher visibility of the shop on the internet.


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