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Customer success story

High-tech made by Hinterkopf in Eislingen

Technical products, pharmaceuticals, food, packaging and tobacco
Eislingen, Germany
International construction and trade of special machines

Customised online shops for existing customers

Hinterkopf, a family-run company from Eislingen, is a leading supplier of modular plant concepts in the packaging industry. With 180 employees, Hinterkopf develops and produces high-quality machines and systems for the production and decoration of tubes, cans and sleeves made of aluminium or plastic.

In order to provide existing customers with convenient and secure access to customised wear materials and spare parts, Hinterkopf has commissioned Netensio to develop exclusive online shops for Europe and the USA/Canada.

Project overview

Netensio has developed two separate online shops for Hinterkopf using the OXID eShop Enterprise Edition - one for the European market and one for the market in the USA and Canada. The shops are connected to an ERP system with a specially developed interface to ensure optimal integration and automation of business processes. Both shops are exclusively accessible to existing customers and focus on the sale of customised wear materials and spare parts.


The main requirement of the shop project was to present each user with a customised range of wear materials and spare parts tailored to their specific machine. This required seamless integration with the existing ERP system and the development of a powerful user interface that would allow customers to quickly and efficiently find and order their required parts.


Netensio developed a custom solution based on the OXID eShop Enterprise Edition. This enabled customisation of the product offering for each existing customer, based on the specific requirements of their respective machines. The specially developed interface ensured seamless integration with the existing ERP system and allowed efficient management of the entire product catalogue.

The successful implementation of the shop project with Netensio enabled Hinterkopf to offer its existing customers a customised and efficient online shop. The user-friendly platform and seamless integration with the ERP system helped to optimise internal processes and provided existing customers with an alternative sales channel.


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