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Customer success story

Exciting technology change - the journey from BTS NETWORK to OXID eShop

A pioneer in fibre optic network technology in search of continuous innovation

BTS NETWORK, as a pioneer and authoritative leader in the fibre optic network technology sector, is committed to embodying quality, cultivating innovation and delivering excellent customer service. With an impressive portfolio spanning an impressive range of close to half a million products, all accessible through our online shop, we are committed to providing our customers with a shopping experience that is unparalleled in terms of convenience, efficiency and ease of use.

However, we are aware that there is always room for progress and evolution, that even excellence needs the drive for further improvement. This constant impulse towards evolution and perfection led us to realise that in order to keep up with continuously advancing technologies and rising customer expectations, we needed to modernise our e-commerce platform. Thus began our challenging but fascinating journey of transformation, in which we said goodbye to our previous platform, Shopware 5, and moved towards the advanced OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition, a solution highly regarded for its flexibility, scalability and ability to handle complex business processes.

Our goal was clearly defined: We wanted to further optimise our operational processes, further improve our customer service and ensure that we maintained our dominant position in the fibre optic network technology sector. The decision to migrate from Shopware 5 to OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition was therefore not a frivolous step, but a well-considered strategic decision based on our ambition to provide our customers with an optimised shopping experience while increasing the efficiency and performance of our company. So the starting gun was fired for this transformative, yet enthusiastic journey.

The need for change made us venture beyond the familiar

Our previous platform, Shopware 5, has been a loyal companion throughout our entrepreneurial journey. It has been the foundation on which we have built our successes to date. But as in any success story, we encountered challenges that spurred us to push our boundaries and look for better solutions. We got to the point where we felt Shopware 5 could no longer support our ambitious goals and the rapid pace of our development.

The challenges manifested themselves in several areas: Integration with our existing systems, once seamless, was becoming increasingly complex and time-consuming. This led to efficiency losses and presented us with new problems to solve. In addition, representing our complex B2B structures was a growing challenge. Managing customer specifics, such as different price levels and individual product catalogues, required a lot of manual effort that was not scalable and put a strain on our resources.

It was clear that we needed a solution that offered us the flexibility and scalability we needed to overcome these challenges and achieve our ambitious goals. We needed a platform that was able to support our growing needs, streamline our internal processes and at the same time provide our customers with an outstanding shopping experience. With this in mind, we began our search for the right solution that would lead us to our next critical decision.

A partnership based on expertise and mutual understanding

In this crucial phase of our digital transformation, OXID eSales' Netensio GmbH was personally recommended to us. The Netensio, as a renowned expert in e-commerce solutions, was to become the trusted partner by our side to accompany us on this important journey. Their outstanding expertise and in-depth understanding of our specific requirements and goals quickly made it clear that they were the ideal choice for our ambitious mission.

What made Netensio stand out was not only their technical savvy and extensive knowledge of the OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition, but also their strong business perspective. They not only understood the technology, but also had a clear understanding of our business strategy, our customers and our goals. Their focus was not only on the 'what', i.e. the implementation of the technology, but also on the 'why', the understanding of our business needs and goals.

This holistic approach gave us a high level of confidence in their abilities. We knew that they would not only meet the technical requirements, but also understand the business impetus driving this technological transformation. With Netensio on our side, we knew we were ready to take this significant step in our digital evolution.

The road to digital transformation: an exciting process of migration

The transition to OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition represented a significant phase in our digital journey, a phase full of excitement, curiosity and high expectations. This process was orchestrated with great precision and care by Netensio. Their in-depth knowledge of our business processes and their appreciation of their complexity were crucial to the smooth and effective migration.

With meticulous precision, the Netensio developers ensured that our extensive existing data was transferred safely and intactly to the new system. But they went one step further: they not only ensured the transfer of our specific business logics, but also optimised them according to our requirements and ambitions. They recognised the opportunity to achieve not only a technological modernisation but also an improvement of our business processes through this migration.

It was fascinating to watch our online shop transform and evolve during this process. Every step forward, every change, every level of efficiency gained was a testament to the unique work of Netensio and the enormous potential of OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition. We not only witnessed a technological transformation, but also a transformation of our business that equipped us for future challenges and opportunities.

Maximising benefits with the OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition

The transition to OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition has opened up a wealth of benefits for us that went far beyond our initial expectations. One of the key features of the new platform was its seamless adaptability to our existing IT infrastructure. It fitted harmoniously into our system landscape while effectively improving the overall usability of our platform.

It was as if a curtain was lifted to reveal a stage ready to offer our customers an even better shopping experience. Navigation was made more intuitive, allowing our customers to effortlessly navigate through our extensive product portfolio. They were guided through a logically structured and attractively designed path that made their shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

The improvements also extended to the checkout process. This was streamlined and accelerated to provide our customers with a seamless and frustration-free shopping experience. Care was taken to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible without neglecting security and transparency.

In addition, product presentation has been taken to a new level. Our products were presented in an appealing and compelling way that expressed the quality and value of our fibre optic network technology. Each product was put in the best possible light to show our customers the true potential and uniqueness of our products.

Overall, the new platform has enabled us to enhance our online offering and take our customer experience to a new level. It has opened the door to new opportunities and enhancements that will help us serve our customers even better and strengthen our position as a leading fibre optic network technology provider.

One of the most notable changes we experienced after transitioning to OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition was the dramatic improvement in managing our B2B customers. This core segment of our business required special attention and a high level of personalisation. Thanks to the new platform, we were not only able to meet these requirements, but exceed them.

With the implementation of OXID eShop, we have seen a significant increase in efficiency in handling different price levels. The ability to effectively manage different pricing structures for different customers or customer groups has been a key benefit to our business processes. This flexibility has allowed us to precisely tailor our pricing strategies to the needs of our B2B customers while maintaining the necessary clarity and control.

In addition, OXID eShop has enabled us to revolutionise the management of individual product catalogues. Each of our B2B customers has their own specific requirements and preferences. The new platform enabled us to meet these needs by creating customised product catalogues that were tailored to the exact needs and requirements of each customer. This personalisation not only contributed to the satisfaction of our customers, but also increased the efficiency of our internal processes.

Overall, the OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition has fundamentally improved our ability to manage our B2B customers. It has simplified our processes and made them more efficient without compromising the quality or individuality of our service. These improvements have enabled us to better serve our B2B customers and strengthen our competitive position in this important market segment.

Our partnership with Netensio and the OXID eShop leads us into a promising future

Our cooperation with Netensio and the migration to the OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition mark a significant milestone in the history of our online shop. By implementing this powerful and future-proof platform, we were able to achieve a qualitative increase in our online presence. This progress enabled us to offer our customers an even more engaging and efficient shopping experience.

At the same time, the new platform gave us the opportunity to optimise our internal processes and increase efficiency. By automating repetitive tasks and optimising workflow, we were able to achieve a significant increase in productivity. This led to improved operational efficiency and allowed us to focus our resources on core areas that drive our business growth.

Our success story with Netensio and the OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition is a shining example of how a strategically planned and carefully executed migration to an advanced e-commerce system is not only achievable, but also brings significant benefits. It underlines how a well thought-out digitisation strategy and the choice of the right partner can open the door to innovation, efficiency gains and improved customer service.

We look back with pride at the remarkable results we have achieved together with Netensio and are excited about the further exciting chapters that await us in our business journey. This success reinforces our belief that with our commitment to excellence and innovation, supported by our strong partner Netensio, we will continue to lead in our market segment.


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