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B2B online shops with OXID eShop

With the OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition, which is specially designed for business customers, you will be quick to market and offer your business customers a secure and future-proof purchasing system.

B2B with success

OXID eShop for business customers

Customised prices

Enables the definition, display and management of prices per customer or customer group.

Persistent shopping baskets

Provide B2B shopping baskets whose item lists can be used and managed session-independently.

Buyer Customer Accounts

Map hierarchical purchasing structures by assigning buyers to chief buyers in the shop.

Appointment orders

Allows orders to be repeated automatically at specified times.

Collective orders

Allows you to combine several individual orders into one collective order.

Budget management

Enables the management of budgets that are taken into account in buyers' orders.


OXID eShop B2B Edition

– for B2B trade

Enables immediate start without long development times

- for every business

All functions can be used individually or as a whole

- High load tested

Designed for the highest demands and continuous growth


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