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Layout and templating with OXID eShop

We create a recognition value for you and give your OXID eShop an individual design. The OXID eShop template system enables us to create unlimited templates for your company's success.


How we create an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers

Individual design

We equip your OXID online shop with a template design individually adapted for you

Design freedom

Benefit from maximum freedom on every page for all template customisations in OXID eShop

Contemporary layout

Position yourself as a professional, modern retailer on the web with a contemporary shop layout

Experienced graphic designers

Our experienced graphic designers custom design your OXID templates with a unique design.

Efficient implementation

Have screen designs implemented quickly and efficiently by our professional programmers

Optimal appearance

Unique selling propositions and recognition value of your shop with an optimal appearance


What Netensio customers appreciate about OXID eShop

– Act carefree

OXID eShop has been known for its high level of stability for more than 18 years

- Adaptable system

OXID eShops modular structure enables flexible reaction to the market

Cost efficiency
- Financially sensible system

OXID eShop enables you to manage effectively even with small budgets


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