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OXID eShop

As one of the leading shop systems, OXID eShop has played a significant role in the success of thousands of large online retailers for over 18 years. Thanks to OXID eShop, they are fast to market, individually customisable and highly flexible at all times with strong sales.

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One solution, multiple editions for your maximum flexibility


That's why the OXID eShop online shop system is our first choice

Quick on the market

You go live quickly and secure market share while your competitor is still in the middle of the project.


You start quickly and develop flexibly - with a shop system that grows with your business.

Cost efficiency

Because it pays off, project managers have the best arguments for contributing to the company's success with OXID.


Quality and safety, Made in Germany - on the market for over 18 years. Be sure of your investment.

Software Updates

OXID eSales updates without interruptions, so that the investment of customers and partners is always protected.


Modules are a dime a dozen... Expand the shop functionalities as you like without changing the software core.


Stress-free operation as well as technical support and security for your e-commerce solution

Dedicate yourself fully to the growth of your platform and the needs of your customers. Netensio takes care of the rest.

We source our software directly from the manufacturer OXID eSales. One of the most experienced e-commerce teams in Europe.

Forget the stress and time you previously had to invest in topics that were not part of your core competencies. Netensio will find the right solution for your hosting, your infrastructure and the technical operation of your platform together with OXID eSales if you wish.