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OXID eShop

As one of the leading shop systems, OXID eShop has played a significant role in the success of thousands of large online retailers for over 18 years. Thanks to OXID eShop, they are fast to market, individually customisable and highly flexible at all times with strong sales.


One solution, multiple editions for your maximum flexibility

OXID eShop presents itself as an impressive online shop software solution that once again underlines the advantages of German software innovations.

Through a multi-faceted range of flexible pricing models, complemented by a free Community Edition, the OXID eShop platform proves to be a remarkably versatile tool for the e-commerce segment. It effectively serves the needs of micro-enterprises and small businesses, as well as meeting the needs of large, high-volume online shops. It offers a comprehensive range of functions that meet your expectations of modern shop software.

The design concept of the OXID eShop is characterised by its modernity and is precisely tailored to mobile applications. Although setting up the system requires a certain degree of programming knowledge, the effort is worth it in view of the wide range of functions and resulting possibilities.

With a clearly structured and easy-to-use backend, managing your e-commerce platform is a smooth process. Our tests also confirm that carrying out marketing measures with OXID eShop is child's play. In addition to sending newsletters, the platform also supports integration with various social networks as well as marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon to maximise the reach of your products.

The OXID eShop also impresses with its robust support area. In addition to extensive documentation and a variety of helpful tutorials, highly qualified support is also available directly from the manufacturer. All in all, this is an excellent shop system that can be used effectively in the German market with minimal adjustments.

OXID eShop is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, powerful and versatile online shop. A major plus point is that it is a provider from Germany, which brings significant advantages in terms of legal compliance and data protection.

Other benefits include the clear checkout process, which accepts a variety of payment methods, making for a convenient and customer-friendly experience. Likewise, the system allows for hassle-free internationalisation, making it ideal for businesses looking to expand on a global scale.

The wide range of available extensions and plug-ins is another important advantage. These features offer the possibility to expand the functionality of the shop and adapt it perfectly to the individual needs of the respective company.

In terms of the cost structure of the OXID eShop system, the ERP interfaces and support are chargeable in all editions. This is an aspect that should be taken into account when deciding on this system.

All in all, the OXID eShop system offers an extensive range of features and benefits that make it an excellent choice for many companies looking for a powerful and flexible online shop solution.

The OXID eShop system offers a versatile e-commerce solution that is tailored to the needs of a wide range of business models. According to OXID eSales themselves, their platform is suitable for both the thriving small business and the established medium-sized company. In addition, they have specifically developed two enterprise versions to serve even the most demanding and extensive business needs.

For smaller shops and start-ups, the Community Edition of OXID eShop is a compelling option. It already offers a wide range of functions that facilitate the entry into e-commerce and provide a solid foundation for online sales.

The Professional Edition of OXID eShop, on the other hand, opens the door to a world of expanded possibilities and more sophisticated functions. It is particularly attractive for those companies looking for a more in-depth and customised e-commerce solution.

In particular, medium to larger businesses looking to expand and refine their online sales strategy will appreciate the added value of the Professional Edition. With its advanced features, the OXID eShop Professional Edition enables these businesses to achieve their e-commerce goals in an efficient and effective manner.

OXID eSales offers an attractive way to explore their e-commerce platform without the need for a conventional free trial or live demo. Instead, the Community Edition of the OXID eShop system is available to you.

The Community Edition, which is open source, offers you unparalleled insight into the potential of OXID eShop without the need to commit to an investment. It is important to note that although this version is free, it does not offer all the advanced features and capabilities of the paid versions. However, it does offer a solid feature set that may be sufficient for many users.

A small user fee is charged for commercial users of the Community Edition. This affordable fee allows you to take full advantage of the OXID eShop system and take your e-commerce activities to a new level without significant upfront costs. In this way, OXID enables you to run a highly functional online shop in a flexible and cost-conscious way.

OXID eShop offers the possibility of a user-friendly, DIY-based installation and setup. With an extensive collection of tutorials and detailed documentation, it is easy to set up your webshop on your own. Basic knowledge of online installation and database creation can be helpful, but is usually not an obstacle to successful start-up.

Although the system is quite intuitive and self-explanatory, the set-up process could well be time-consuming for larger shops or for those with special requirements in terms of functions or design. In such cases, it might make sense to outsource the set-up process to professional service providers.

In these cases, hiring a specialised agency not only saves you time, but also ensures that your online shop is implemented according to best practices and standards. This way, you can rest assured that your e-commerce project is built on solid foundations from the very beginning.

The Community Edition of OXID eShop offers quick and direct access to the e-commerce platform - no prior registration is required. You can download the system directly via Composer, the corresponding command can be found directly on the OXID eSales website.

However, if you are considering one of the extended, paid versions, the OXID eSales sales team is at your disposal. They offer individual advice and create customised offers to find the right solution for your specific business needs. After the agreement, you will receive all the necessary information to set up and activate your licence.

Initialising the OXID eShop is an intuitive process that can also be carried out by users without in-depth technical knowledge. Although this process can take some time, it is facilitated by extensive tutorials and detailed documentation provided by OXID eSales.

If you already have advanced technical knowledge, setting up the OXID eShop gives you the opportunity to take full advantage of your e-commerce platform. With an advanced understanding of the platform, you have the chance to customise and optimise your webshop to create an e-commerce experience that is tailored to your exact needs and goals.

OXID eShop immediately stands out with its modern and appealing design. It is easy to understand and operate, which suits both newcomers and experienced users. With the responsive design, OXID eShop automatically adapts to every device - whether smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Another plus point is the mobile optimisation. Despite the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets, the shop display remains clear and easy to navigate. Important information and options, such as at checkout, are all clearly visible and easily accessible on one page.

With more and more people browsing and shopping on their mobile devices, this is an important aspect. OXID eShop therefore always remains future-oriented and offers all customers a pleasant shopping experience - regardless of the device they use.

The OXID eShop system impresses with its impressively clearly structured backend, which serves as the central command centre for setting up and managing your webshop. This backend is not only functionally comprehensive but also extremely user-friendly, making it an efficient tool for managing your online business. With an intuitive organisation of key functions and a clear presentation, it offers easy navigation and the ability to make changes with just a few clicks.

This backend not only gives you direct access to all essential functions and integrations, but also acts as your central interface for exchanges between your online shop and its visitors. It provides you with a comprehensive overview of interactions with your customers, allows you to track orders and transactions, and facilitates the implementation of marketing strategies and other important decisions.

A notable feature of the OXID eShop backend is its multilingualism, which sets it apart from many other providers. Besides being available in German and other languages, this feature ensures that the software is easy to use even for users without in-depth knowledge of English. This makes the OXID eShop an accessible and adaptable solution that meets the needs of businesses on an international scale.

Overall, the OXID eShop backend offers a combination of control, flexibility and ease of use, making it a powerful tool for the success of your online business. It offers the balance between simplicity and power that makes all the difference when it comes to running an e-commerce business efficiently.

At the heart of every e-commerce platform is the frontend - the interactive area with which your customers interact and shape their shopping experience. With OXID eShop, the frontend is characterised by a clearly structured, visually appealing and user-friendly design. It offers you all the essential features you would expect from a first-class webshop to ensure a seamless and intuitive shopping process.

The frontend features detailed overview pages, both for individual products and categories. Each product page is designed to comprehensively inform and persuade the customer. Item descriptions can be individually formatted so that you can highlight important information in a targeted manner. This helps to increase the attractiveness and clarity of the product information, which in turn leads to increased conversion rates.

Furthermore, OXID eShop offers the possibility to integrate vivid visual content. You can add photos and even videos to effectively showcase products and give customers a fuller understanding of their features and benefits.

Another outstanding feature of the OXID eShop front-end is its ability to manage different product variants. Whether you offer fashion items, shoes or other product types, you can create items in different colours, sizes and other variants. This ensures that you can fully showcase the diversity of your products and allows your customers to make a tailored choice that suits their individual needs and preferences.

In summary, the OXID eShop front-end offers an impressive balance between aesthetics and functionality that promotes positive customer interaction. With its focus on usability and information clarity, it is a powerful tool for improving the customer experience and ultimately increasing your online sales success.

With OXID eShop, your online retail business is no longer bound by geographical borders. The platform offers an extensive multilingual function that enables effortless and seamless internationalisation of your webshop. Thanks to the available language packs provided for both the front and back end, you can adapt your shop to your international customers by allowing them to choose their preferred language.

The ability to display prices in different currencies and take into account different tax rates is another significant feature that OXID eShop offers for international commerce. These features allow you to provide a user-friendly shopping experience for customers from all over the world by allowing them to checkout and pay in their local currency.

Through the extension options and plug-ins, you can further enhance and personalise these global features to ensure that your OXID eShop meets the specific needs of your international business model. These features are a powerful way to expand your reach, enter new markets and increase customer satisfaction on a global scale.


That's why the OXID eShop online shop system is our first choice

Quick on the market

You go live quickly and secure market share while your competitor is still in the middle of the project.


You start quickly and develop flexibly - with a shop system that grows with your business.

Cost efficiency

Because it pays off, project managers have the best arguments for contributing to the company's success with OXID.


Quality and safety, Made in Germany - on the market for over 18 years. Be sure of your investment.

Software Updates

OXID eSales updates without interruptions, so that the investment of customers and partners is always protected.


Modules are a dime a dozen... Expand the shop functionalities as you like without changing the software core.


Stress-free operation as well as technical support and security for your e-commerce solution

Dedicate yourself fully to the growth of your platform and the needs of your customers. Netensio takes care of the rest.

We source our software directly from the manufacturer OXID eSales. One of the most experienced e-commerce teams in Europe.

Forget the stress and time you previously had to invest in topics that were not part of your core competencies. Netensio will find the right solution for your hosting, your infrastructure and the technical operation of your platform together with OXID eSales if you wish.


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