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OXID eShop is preparing for a remarkable change. In the planned version 7.1, an important modification will be made: SMARTY, the previous template system and central component of OXID, will finally be replaced by TWIG.

This change marks an important development step in the history of OXID. It demonstrates OXID's commitment to embracing current technology trends and promoting a progressive direction for the company.

The planned replacement of SMARTY with TWIG in version 7.1 is the result of a comprehensive, future-oriented consideration. It demonstrates OXID's commitment to continuous improvement, adaptability and the use of cutting-edge technologies for optimal performance and user experience.

Through this planned change, OXID eShop demonstrates that it is not only reacting to current requirements, but also planning ahead to be prepared for future trends and innovations in the e-commerce sector. With this proactive stance, OXID underlines its commitment to constantly develop its own platform and to meet the changing demands of the digital market.

Adoption of SMARTY

The upcoming release of OXID 7.1 marks the end of support for SMARTY, a long-standing element of the system. As a result, developers and shop owners will need to adapt and update their systems accordingly to keep up with this change.

It is of great importance to understand that this step represents a significant change in the way the OXID platform works. Developers and shop operators who have previously used SMARTY in their processes are now faced with the task of adapting to the new technology, expanding their knowledge and adapting their systems to the new environment.

Despite the impact of this change, OXID places great emphasis on making this transition as seamless as possible. Support will be made available to facilitate the changeover process. Developers and shop operators will be provided with the necessary resources and information to successfully manage the upgrade of their systems. This is not an abrupt change, but a carefully planned and considered transition process.

Support for the transition

In an effort to simplify the transition process, OXID has introduced a specific SMARTY component in version 7.0. This customised tool is designed to enable users to transition their modules and themes to TWIG in a systematic and structured approach. It is important to note that this support measure was designed exclusively for version 7.0 and, according to current planning, will no longer be available from version 7.1 onwards.

In this context, users will be able to migrate their systems to TWIG within the current 7.0 installation. This means that they are not forced to manage all migration tasks at the same time. Instead, they can take a methodical approach and complete the transition at their own pace. This approach gives users a high degree of control over the migration process and allows them to make any necessary adjustments to ensure they are happy with the transition and the resulting changes.

Moving towards the future with TWIG

OXID's decision to replace SMARTY with TWIG is a testament to the company's commitment to continuously being on the cutting edge of technology and to always providing users with the most efficient tools and resources. TWIG, as a flexible, fast and secure templating system for PHP, brings numerous advantages over Smarty and represents a significant improvement.

The introduction of TWIG opens up a wealth of new possibilities that have the potential to permanently change the way users optimise and expand their eShops. The move to TWIG is more than just a change - it is a decisive step into the future, a testament to OXID's relentless commitment to continuously evolve its platform and keep it up to date.

Finally, it is important to stress that the SMARTY component is only temporarily available and specific to version 7.0. It is strongly recommended to start the migration process early to ensure that you are well prepared for the full move to TWIG with the release of version 7.1.

Netensio Module templates and alignment with TWIG

The launch of OXID 7.0 marks the beginning of a new era where we will be providing our module templates exclusively for TWIG. This means that compatibility with SMARTY will no longer be available for modules developed from this version onwards. This strategic decision underlines our commitment to TWIG and our ambition to offer our users the full benefits of this advanced technology.

For users who are still using modules from the OXID 6.X series with SMARTY templates, this means that a manual porting will be necessary should these be operated under OXID 7.0 with SMARTY. We are aware that this is an additional requirement and are therefore happy to assist you in making this process as smooth as possible.

Our team of experts is ready to assist you with the migration and help you take full advantage of TWIG. Our goal is to ensure that you are able to manage the transition efficiently and keep your eShops running with the latest technologies. With this in mind, we look forward to joining you on your journey into the new OXID TWIG era.

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