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Last weekend was a special event for all involved, as it marked the 20th anniversary of OXID eSales, one of the leading providers in the field of e-commerce. For two decades, this company has shaped the market with innovative solutions and has thus been an essential player in the development of online commerce.

As part of these special anniversary celebrations, OXID eSales invited guests to an event in the picturesque Black Forest Studios, a location that captivates with its idyllic location and unique atmosphere. Amidst this impressive backdrop, the team from Netensio was also allowed to be part of the festivities. It was an honour for us to be part of this significant milestone in the history of OXID eSales and to celebrate this special time together with other industry experts and partners.

But the weekend had another surprise in store for the team at Netensio . During the event, the renowned OXID eSales Solution Partner Award was presented. This award recognises outstanding achievements and partnerships in the e-commerce sector and is highly coveted within the industry. It is therefore a particular pleasure for us to be able to announce that Netensio was one of the happy and proud winners of this award. This success not only confirms the quality of our work, but also strengthens our position as a reliable and innovative partner in the e-commerce sector.

Award for commitment and innovation

The award is a recognition of our continuous hard work, tireless commitment and deep passion for what we do in the e-commerce space. This was especially highlighted when Henry Göttler, board member of OXID eSales, presented the award to our CEO, Michael Felber . This moment was a sign of appreciation for all of us and will remain in our memories for a long time.

Henry Göttler emphasised the importance of Netensio in the industry and said: "Netensio embodies innovation and technical know-how and shows an extraordinary affinity to our shop system, the OXID eShop."

Recognition for numerous partners

During the event it became obvious that the OXID eSales community is much more than just a network of business partners. Rather, it is a gathering of experts, professionals and visionaries who work together to push the boundaries of what is possible in the e-commerce sector. Being there and witnessing the various awards, we realised how broad and diverse the talents and skills are that are represented in this community.

On this particular day, it wasn't just us from Netensio who were recognised for our work and contributions. Many other OXID eSales partner companies, both large and smaller teams, were also highlighted and recognised for their impressive achievements and contributions to the e-commerce space. This reflected the breadth and depth of expertise that exists within the OXID eSales community. It was a moment of shared celebration that united and strengthened not only the winners, but the entire community.

While prizes and awards are certainly an important recognition of the work we do, the message that was conveyed on the day was even more far-reaching. It was about recognising the collective strength, commitment and talent that exists across the OXID eSales community. It was a memorable moment that reminded us all that when we work together and join forces, we can achieve great things.

Networking and looking ahead

The event was not only an opportunity to celebrate our achievements and recognise the advances in the e-commerce industry, but it also provided a crucial opportunity to build and maintain professional relationships. In an ever-changing digital landscape, it is crucial to regularly engage with peers and industry colleagues. This not only provides insights into current trends and challenges, but also offers the chance to develop joint strategies and approaches to future challenges.

The networking that took place during the event facilitated intense discussions that were both educational and inspiring. It was encouraging to see how different players from the e-commerce sector shared their experiences, knowledge and visions. A common denominator that emerged during these discussions was the incredible potential that arises when dedicated and innovative professionals come together to work on a vision.

We are particularly keen to express our deepest gratitude to OXID eSales. Without their continued support and partnership, many of our successes would not have been possible. We would also like to thank all our colleagues, business partners and customers. Each of them has contributed to our growth and success in their own way. It is the sum of these relationships and partnerships that has made us what we are today.

Given all that we have achieved so far, we look to the future with optimism and enthusiasm. The next 20 years offer countless opportunities and we are determined to seize these opportunities, continue to grow and make our contribution to the e-commerce sector. We are excited about the innovations and developments that lie ahead of us and look forward to travelling this road together with our partners and customers.

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