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When companies and sport combine, a unique synergy often emerges, especially when it is based on regional ties and shared values. It is with a deep sense of excitement and responsibility that we share that Netensio GmbH has now become an official Kickers Club Partner of the renowned SV Stuttgarter Kickers e.V.. This alliance is not only a striking new chapter in our company history, but also illustrates our commitment to the promotion of sports and our deep connection to the Stuttgart region, which is so close to our hearts. Through our cooperation with Stuttgarter Kickers, we aim not only to promote sporting élan but also to intensify the ties between club, community and business. It embodies our core values, the enthusiasm for sport and the ongoing commitment to a region that has always shaped our vision and actions.

The magic of Stuttgarter Kickers: why this club?

Stuttgarter Kickers are not just a player on the diverse playing field of German football. Founded in 1899, they embody deep-rooted tradition, burning passion and a unique ability to unite people through the universal language of sport. Their legendary stadium on the Waldau, framed by the imposing silhouette of Stuttgart's iconic TV tower, is more than just a sports venue - it is an emotional home for fans and an unmistakable landmark of the city. Not only have matches been won or lost here over the decades, but unforgettable moments in football history have also been written. With its charismatic slogan "Auf die Blaue!", the club not only appeals to fans from different generations, but becomes a symbol of community, identity and a sense of belonging that extends far beyond the confines of the pitch.

Regional solidarity: A heart for Stuttgart

For us, as a company firmly anchored in the region, the decision to support the Stuttgarter Kickers goes far beyond a mere business transaction. Rather, it is a deeply felt concern that underlines our passion for the sport and our local connection. The geographical and emotional proximity to the Waldau stadium, a venue of many triumphant victories and painful defeats, reinforces our connection to the people and culture of this unique region. We see this partnership not as a simple opportunity, but as a serious commitment to give something meaningful back to the community. It is our way of saying thank you to a community that is not only an important part of our business successes, but also our social and cultural identity.

Sport promotion as a core mission: why we are involved

The overarching goal of our partnership is nothing less than the sustainable promotion of sport, which we see as an integral part of social and cultural development. Clubs like Stuttgarter Kickers are more than just sporting institutions; they are centres of social interaction that cultivate essential values such as team spirit, discipline and fairness. They also serve as important incubators for emerging talent, offering them the opportunity to develop and hone their skills in a nurturing environment. Our joint commitment aims to enhance the quality of athletic training while optimising the environment for all club members, from junior to first team. In this role, we not only feel great pleasure, but also the pride of being able to exert a substantial, positive influence.

A shared future: a sign of lasting support

For us, the partnership with Stuttgarter Kickers is not about short-term campaigns or one-off events. Rather, we see this cooperation as a long-term relationship based on mutual respect and shared goals. Our commitment is a clear signal for the sustainable development of the club and its members. Our primary concern is to promote the sporting infrastructure and educational opportunities for young talents and thus lay a stable foundation for future generations. We are excited about the future we can create together in this framework and see added value for all involved in the long-term direction of this partnership.

Towards a partnership full of opportunities and shared values

It is rare that a partnership shares so many common values and objectives. For us at Netensio GmbH , the cooperation with Stuttgarter Kickers is not only a strategic decision, but above all a matter of the heart. The joy of sport, the belief in the positive power of community and the deep regional roots - these are all elements that bring our two organisations together.

"Auf die Blaue!" will be much more than a slogan for us. It will become a philosophy that will guide our partnership. We look forward to supporting Stuttgarter Kickers in their sporting and social mission to contribute to a better, fairer and more vibrant community. We are proud to be part of this exciting journey and to see our support bear fruit.

This partnership is an investment in the people and dreams that surround us. It is a commitment that together we will overcome the challenges ahead and actively shape the future. We are excited about what the coming years will bring and optimistic that this is the beginning of a long and successful partnership.

We sincerely say: "Auf die Blaue!"

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