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Held annually, the OXID Partner Day has become a fixed date for professionals and companies from the e-commerce sector, whereby it serves not only as a pure networking event. In fact, it offers a broad platform for participants to deepen existing business relationships, get to know potential partners and exchange information about current developments, challenges and innovations in the e-commerce sector.

For many, this day is also a rare opportunity to meet colleagues and business partners in person - people with whom they may only communicate digitally during the year. It is a time of reunion and personal exchange that is becoming increasingly valuable in our increasingly digitalised world.

For Netensio , this year's Partner Day was of particular importance. The opportunity to meet with Mollie was a highlight. Mollie, a leader in payment processing, is not only an important business partner for Netensio , but also represents the deep and productive collaboration that is possible between companies in the e-commerce space. Such a meeting offers the chance to reflect on joint projects, discuss future strategies and lay the foundation for further growth and collaboration.

A strong partnership from the start

Since Mollie's inception as a payment provider, Netensio GmbH has had the honour and privilege of working closely with them as one of their first partners. This partnership is not only based on business relationships, but also on a deep understanding of common goals and visions, especially in the field of payment processing for online shops.

Over the past years, this close cooperation between Netensio and Mollie has resulted in numerous projects focusing on the implementation of Mollie Payment in various online shops. Through these joint efforts, we have been able to ensure that end customers enjoy a smooth and reliable payment experience. The focus has always been on making the payment process as intuitive and user-friendly as possible to meet customers' needs.

In addition, our ongoing partnership with Mollie has given us deep insights into the dynamic world of e-commerce. Working with a wide variety of online shops from different regions of the world has allowed us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the industry's diverse requirements and expectations. This knowledge is not only invaluable for our current projects, but also forms a solid foundation for future ventures and innovations in the field of online commerce.

Our conversation with Sarah Lausch from Mollie

During the OXID Partner Day 2023, a meeting took place between Michael Felber from the Netensio GmbH and Sarah Lausch from Mollie. The purpose of this meeting was to evaluate the cooperation between the two companies to date and to discuss prospects for future projects.

In the discussion, both the positive results achieved through the joint work and the challenges overcome were addressed. Furthermore, the goals and strategies for future initiatives were discussed.

Sarah Lausch pointed out that the cooperation with Netensio has been instrumental in further optimising Mollie's payment service through various online shops. This cooperation not only benefited customer satisfaction, but also enabled Mollie to consolidate its position in various market segments.

Michael Felber Mollie's innovations and how these innovations have positively influenced the service quality of Netensio . He emphasised the added value of the cooperation with Mollie, especially in terms of customer orientation and the constant striving for qualitative improvements. Such an aligned strategy and business philosophy forms the basis for the ongoing and fruitful partnership between the two companies.

Future prospects

Given the dynamic trends in the e-commerce sector and the continuously growing demand for stable and efficient payment solutions, both Netensio GmbH and Mollie recognise the significant potential for continued successful cooperation. This progressive market offers a promising perspective for the future intensification of the partnership between the two companies.

The OXID Partner Day 2023 not only served to consolidate and deepen existing business relationships, but also to provide strategic considerations for the coming years. Both short-term and long-term goals were discussed in order to further strengthen the position of both companies in the e-commerce environment. Netensio is optimistic about the future and is convinced that, in close cooperation with Mollie, it can continue to make significant contributions in the e-commerce sector.

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