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On 19 October 2023, a significant event took place in the e-commerce industry: OXID eSales AG celebrated its 20th anniversary. The event was hosted at the renowned Black Forest Studios in Kirchzarten, a location known for both its modern architecture and picturesque surroundings.

Netensio , as a valued partner of OXID, had the honour of participating in this special occasion. The significance of the day was highlighted by a combination of world-class presentations, networking opportunities and festive moments. This anniversary event was not only a celebration of OXID's impressive 20-year journey, but also a platform for professionals to share their experiences, discuss current trends in the industry and learn about best practices.

Our participation in this event provided us as a company Netensio with valuable insights into the developments and challenges of the e-commerce sector. It also gave us the opportunity to connect with both long-standing partners and new players in the market.

In this report, we would like to provide a detailed review of the day and share our perspectives and observations. It is our ambition to share the knowledge and experience we gained during the event with our community and other interested parties.

Arrival and start of the OXID eShop Partner Day 2023.

The arrival to the OXID eShop Partner Day 2023 at Black Forest Studios was well organised and hassle-free for participants travelling from Freiburg by train as well as for those coming by their own car. This laid the foundation for a successful start to the day.

From 12:00 noon, the guests were welcomed with a carefully selected lunch. This lunch not only provided culinary refreshment, but also served as the first networking opportunity. For us, Netensio , this was an opportunity to deepen already existing business relationships and also to establish new contacts within the e-commerce industry.

With not quite precise punctuality at 1:07 pm, the main event of the day was introduced by a speech from Henry Göttler, a leading representative of OXID eSales AG. His message focused on community values, sharing expertise and the importance of continued growth in the e-commerce sector.

The lecture programme that followed offered an in-depth insight into the current state of the industry. Experts such as Dr Oliver Charles from OXID eSales AG, Pascal Matern from Mollie and other representatives from well-known companies such as PayPal, Maileon, Phaina and Makaira presented. These presentations provided comprehensive coverage of a wide range of topics in the e-commerce sector. For us as Netensio , it was particularly enlightening to learn about the latest trends, developments and challenges outlined by the speakers.

After this wealth of information, a well-deserved break was taken during which the participants could regenerate and possibly prepare for the upcoming evening activities.

Detailed review of the evening programme

The evening of the OXID eShop Partner Day 2023 at Black Forest Studios was characterised by careful planning and implementation, creating a unique experience for all participants.

At 6pm, the formal part of the evening was kicked off with a champagne reception. This reception took place in the impressive setting of the Black Forest Studios, whose architecture and design created an atmospheric foundation for the rest of the evening. Over a glass of sparkling wine, the guests were able to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere and share the anticipation of the programme ahead.

The main evening programme was characterised by a balanced mix of professional presentations, networking opportunities and festive elements, reflecting OXID's 20th anniversary. The event thus provided space for both business discussions and personal exchanges among the attendees.

A special highlight was the opening of the bar and party at 22:00. Here, not only were drinks and snacks served, but a dance floor was also provided, which was used by the guests until the late hours. The combination of music, dancing and conversation contributed to a boisterous mood and provided an opportunity to round off the day in a fun way.

To ensure the comfort of the guests, shuttles were provided to ensure that each participant could easily and safely get to their hotel or place of residence. This well thought-out transport service underlined the OXID team's commitment to focusing on the guests' well-being and making Partner Day 2023 an all-round successful experience.

Concluding remarks

The OXID eShop Partner Day 2023 has proven to be a significant event in our corporate calendar. For us, the team at Netensio , it was more than just an annual industry event. It provided the opportunity to gain deeper insights into current e-commerce trends and developments, which is invaluable to us.

Through the Partner Day, we had the opportunity to strengthen existing business contacts and meet new, potential partners. This networking is crucial to keep up to date in the ever-evolving e-commerce industry and at the same time offers the chance to identify synergies for future projects.

In addition, the various presentations and discussions once again brought home to us how vibrant, innovative and dynamic the e-commerce sector is. In a constantly changing digital environment, it offers us security and motivation to know that we are part of this vibrant community.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and thanks to the OXID team. Their meticulous organisation and planning have made this anniversary an outstanding industry event. The quality and relevance of the content, combined with the networking opportunities and festive atmosphere, made the day particularly valuable for us.

Finally, we would like to say: Thank you very much, OXID, for inviting us to this memorable anniversary. We are excited and already looking forward to the opportunities and surprises that the next Partner Day has in store for us.

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