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At Netensio , we are extremely proud to have entered into a partnership with the renowned Stuttgarter Kickers, a club with an impressive history and tradition in German football. This significant milestone in our company's history represents an important step in our development and reflects our ongoing commitment and dedication to local sport.

Such an outstanding event would not have been possible without the valuable mediation of Mr Stefan Lehrer, a close confidant and good friend of our Managing Director Michael Felber . Mr Lehrer, who is himself a passionate and long-time supporter of Stuttgarter Kickers, not only shared our enthusiasm for local football, but also understood and supported our corporate values and vision. Thanks to his deep understanding of and connection to the club, he was able to play a decisive role in the initiation and development of this partnership.

His initiative and commitment have opened the door to this important collaboration, which is of great value to both Netensio and Stuttgarter Kickers. We are deeply grateful to Mr Lehrer for his support and belief in our agency and look forward to the exciting opportunities and experiences this collaboration will bring.

Shared values, shared future

Stuttgarter Kickers, much more than an ordinary football club, represents a rich tradition and stands for values such as community spirit, perseverance and success. These qualities are not only essential in sport, but also reflect key aspects of our corporate philosophy at Netensio . Over the years, the Kickers have not only established themselves as a successful sports team, but also as an institution that brings together and strengthens the local community. They symbolise the tireless spirit and dedication that we at Netensio also uphold in our daily work and endeavours.

The partnership with Stuttgarter Kickers gives us at Netensio an excellent opportunity to expand our local presence and dive deeper into the community we serve. It is a chance to not only demonstrate our commitment to regional sport, but also to play our part in supporting local talent and initiatives. Through this collaboration, we strive to utilise the passion and team spirit of football to inspire positive change and development in our community.

Planned joint initiatives and projects between Netensio and Stuttgarter Kickers are carefully designed to benefit both our brands and the local community. These projects will aim to both increase the visibility of our brand and at the same time have a concrete, positive impact on the community. From joint events to social projects that utilise sport and its inclusive power, we strive to leave a lasting impact that goes far beyond the boundaries of a traditional sponsorship.

Ultimately, this partnership is a significant step for us at Netensio to emphasise our values and commitment to local sport and the community. We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration opens up and look forward to working with Stuttgarter Kickers to make a positive impact in the region.

A gift that comes from the heart

To express our deep gratitude and great appreciation for the invaluable support that Mr Lehrer has given us, we decided to make a very special gesture at Netensio . Recognising his deep connection and love for football, especially Stuttgarter Kickers, we wanted to give him a gift that was both personally and symbolically significant.

For his 50th birthday, we therefore decided to present him with a unique gift: an original Stuttgarter Kickers jersey. However, this jersey is no ordinary piece of sportswear; it bears the signatures of the entire team. Each signature on the jersey symbolises the recognition and appreciation that we and the Kickers players have for Mr Lehrer's contribution.

But we wanted to go one step further. To complete this special gift, we added a team photo. This photo, showing the entire team in a moment of pride and fellowship, will serve as a lasting reminder of the unforgettable bond between Mr Lehrer, the Stuttgarter Kickers and our company. It is more than just a picture; it is a symbol of the community and shared passion that Mr Lehrer shares with us and the club.

We are confident that this special gesture will find a place of honour in his heart and a special place in his home. It is a memento that goes beyond the material gift and expresses our deep appreciation for his dedication, his passion for the Kickers and his support of our partnership. These gifts represent not only our gratitude, but also our hope and aspiration to continue to nurture and strengthen the relationship between Mr Lehrer, the Stuttgarter Kickers and Netensio .

A heartfelt thank you

At this special moment, we would like to take the opportunity at Netensio to publicly express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for Mr Stefan Lehrer. His unparalleled commitment and enthusiastic dedication to both football in general and Stuttgarter Kickers in particular have been instrumental in laying the foundations for our current partnership. His passion for the sport and his ability to transfer this enthusiasm to others is truly infectious and has deeply inspired us at Netensio . We are extremely grateful and feel privileged to have people like Mr Lehrer in our network, whose extraordinary personalities and actions are an asset to our company and our community.

At the same time, we would like to take this moment to express our gratitude to the Stuttgarter Kickers. Their trust in us and in our vision has made it possible to forge a partnership that goes far beyond a conventional collaboration. We are grateful for the openness and faith they have shown in our ideas and goals. This partnership is not only a significant step for both organisations, but also marks the beginning of an exciting new era of collaboration, mutual growth and shared success.

We look forward with great anticipation to the many successes we will achieve together. The opportunities arising from this collaboration are diverse and exciting. We look forward to developing joint initiatives that will both strengthen our brands and have a positive impact on the community.

Finally, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to Mr Lehrer, the Stuttgarter Kickers and everyone who is part of this wonderful community. Your support, commitment and passion are the driving forces behind this endeavour and we look forward to building a bright future together with all of you.

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