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At Netensio , we strive to be at the forefront of technological innovation. Every code we write and every solution we develop is a testament to our deep passion for technology. But what may come as a surprise to some is that in our company's DNA there is also a strong connection to sport, football to be precise. And this connection manifests itself particularly in our enthusiasm for the Stuttgarter Kickers.

Profession and passion: a daily encounter

While our days are often filled with intense discussions about advanced IT concepts and the latest developments in artificial intelligence, we also always find opportunities to share our thoughts and opinions about the latest matches or the current form of the Stuttgarter Kickers. These moments, where profession and passion meet, are what make our corporate culture so unique and create an atmosphere where creativity and innovation thrive.

Our managing director in the spotlight

Recently, offered the opportunity to interview some passionate Stuttgarter Kickers fans before an important match. It was a special pleasure for us to learn that Michael Felber , our Managing Director, was one of the interviewees. His exchange with the journalists, embedded in a mosaic of conversations with other fans, reflected the shared enthusiasm and commitment that is at the core of this loyal fan community.

Linking IT and football - More than just a hobby

The question might naturally arise as to why a company that is so deeply rooted in the IT sector has such a close relationship with football. But if you look at it closely, there are many similarities between what we do at Netensio and what happens on the football pitch. Both areas require commitment, teamwork and the constant pursuit of excellence. It is these shared values and the relentless pursuit of improvement that motivate and drive us.

While we look forward with excitement to the future games of Stuttgarter Kickers, we are equally excited about the technological challenges and breakthroughs that lie ahead. At Netensio , we consider it a privilege to operate in two such dynamic and exciting worlds, and we are proud that this duality enriches our work and our culture.

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