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We are very pleased to inform you today about a significant improvement of our software module, which can have a positive impact on the applicability and efficiency of your OXID eShop. After extensive adaptation and optimisation processes, we are proud to announce that our software is now fully compatible with the latest version 7 of the proven OXID eShop platform.

This further development not only represents an important milestone for us in the continuous improvement and enhancement of our products, but also opens up new possibilities for you as a user to increase the performance of your e-commerce business and enhance the added value of your OXID shop in version 7 as well.

We are convinced that this improvement, both in terms of compatibility and the resulting optimisation of web analytics, represents an important step towards further promoting the effectiveness and efficiency of your online trade in the world of e-commerce.

Our commitment to your online performance

The role of web analytics is a multi-faceted topic that can hardly be overestimated. Google Analytics serves as a link between your website and understanding your customer behaviour, allowing you to gain deeper insights into visitor interactions and activities on your website.

Google Analytics allows us to provide accurate and specific information about user behaviour on a website. This has a positive impact on understanding customer behaviour and enables an improved user experience through personalised content and offers.

Our module for Google Analytics is designed to significantly improve your understanding of user interactions and give you deeper insights into your customers' behaviour. Implementing Google Analytics through our module provides an enhanced view of user activity, driving user engagement and conversion rates.

The digital landscape is an ever-changing field and user requirements are constantly adapting to this dynamic environment. With this in mind, we place great emphasis on continuously developing our module and ensuring that it meets the constant changes and evolving requirements. Our goal is to always offer our customers the best and most up-to-date solution for their needs.

We remain true to our philosophy of being at the forefront of technological innovation while providing our customers with the best possible service to ensure and increase their e-commerce success. Our Google Analytics module is a crucial tool in our technological portfolio.

Compatibility with OXID eShop 7

OXID eShop version 7 presents an enhanced and refined design to comprehensively optimise the digital commerce experience. With an expanded range of enhancements and newly designed features, it opens the door to an auspicious era of e-commerce. With this in mind, we have made it our mission to update and adapt our module to interact seamlessly with these innovative advancements.

We are therefore pleased to announce that our Google Analytics module is now fully compatible with OXID eShop 7. This is not just a technical upgrade, but rather symbolises our consistent commitment to accompany and support you in the ever-changing digital landscape. This optimised compatibility guarantees a smooth integration and a harmonious synergy between our module and OXID eShop 7.

By adapting our module to OXID eShop 7, web analytics data can be used more efficiently and in a more targeted manner. This data plays a crucial role in providing relevant information about the behaviour and interests of your visitors. This optimised presentation can help improve the customer experience and increase your conversion rate.

However, our ultimate goal is not just to provide modern tools. Rather, we are concerned with enabling you to effectively achieve your e-commerce goals and sustainably grow your business. By ensuring that our module is compatible with OXID eShop 7, we help you make the most of the opportunities and possibilities available to you. Our tireless efforts, know-how and expertise ultimately serve only one purpose: to strengthen your online business and accelerate your success.

Compatibility with OXID 7 only with the unencrypted full version

OXID eShop 7's technological focus is on the use of PHP 8, a deliberate move aimed at improving the platform's performance and scalability to meet the ever-changing needs of the digital business world. To help you take full advantage of these benefits, we have optimised our software accordingly. For this specific technological reason, the compatibility of our Google Analytics module with OXID eShop 7 is only offered for the unencrypted full version.

The unencrypted full version of our module represents the ultimate expression of flexibility and adaptability in our product portfolio. It has been designed and developed to allow a high degree of customisation and to take your specific requirements and preferences fully into account. With this version of our module, you have the ability to make changes and adjustments, together we can reach new heights and take your business to the next level.

Our path continues, even with OXID eShop 7.

In a market increasingly driven by the precision and efficiency of web analytics tools, the use of Google Analytics plays a crucial role in strengthening your online presence. With our Google Analytics module now fully compatible with OXID eShop 7, you have the opportunity to optimise your user interactions, effectively driving a growing number of potential customers to your website.

These advances are not only steps towards improved online performance, but also crucial steps on your path to e-commerce success. At a time when a company's digital presence often determines its success or failure, our goal is to enable you to expand your digital engagement effectively and sustainably.

However, our commitment to your success does not end with the provision of our software. As your e-commerce partner, we place great importance on accompanying and supporting you on your digital journey. We understand that every business is unique and has its own challenges and opportunities. That's why our knowledgeable and dedicated team is ready to support you every step of the way, answering your questions and addressing your concerns.

The world of e-commerce may seem complex and overwhelming at times, but you are not alone on this journey. With our Google Analytics module and dedicated support team by your side, you'll be well equipped to take advantage of the opportunities this digital landscape offers. We look forward to supporting you every step of the way on this exciting journey.

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