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Google recently announced the launch of Google Analytics version 4 (GA4). This new version is intended to replace the previous Universal Analytics platform (UA) and offers a variety of new features and improvements to help businesses and website operators analyse their online activities.

If you use the Google Analytics module for the OXID eShop, we have great news for you: From now on, the module is also available for Google Analytics 4! This means that with the update you can get even more detailed insights into the behaviour of your customers on your website. In this article, you will learn more about the new functions and why it is worthwhile to carry out the update.

Universal Analytics and Analytics 4 can be operated in parallel

With our Google Analytics module for OXID eShop, both Universal Analytics and Analytics 4 can now be used in parallel. This innovation proves to be extremely beneficial for all users who are faced with a fait accompli in the wake of the Universal Analytics shutdown. By using them in parallel, they can benefit from the new features and capabilities that Analytics 4 has to offer without having to give up the tried and trusted Universal Analytics while it is still available. Our updated software now enables our customers to use the best of both worlds and to analyse their data even more precisely and effectively. Especially with extensive integrations, this saves time that can be used to test the new platform without having to fear losses in tracking.

Here's what you can look forward to when you upgrade to Google Analytics Version 4

Better data integration and aggregation:
Google Analytics 4 allows for more seamless integration of data from different sources such as websites, apps and other platforms. This gives you a more detailed and comprehensive picture of your users and their behaviour, allowing you to make more targeted decisions.

Advanced analytics:
GA4 offers more powerful analytics tools than Universal Analytics, including advanced segmentation capabilities, machine learning and predictive analytics. These features help you identify future trends, better understand your audiences and adapt your marketing strategies.

Data protection and compliance:
At a time when data protection and privacy are becoming increasingly important, Google Analytics 4 focuses on privacy-friendly evaluation of user activity. GA4 allows you to use aggregated and anonymised data to perform privacy-compliant analytics without compromising your users' privacy.

Optimising for the cookie-less age:
With GA4, Google is preparing its analytics platform for the future without third-party cookies. By using machine learning and advanced algorithms, you can gain valuable insights about your users and optimise your online strategies even without cookies.

Improved user interface and reporting:
The user interface of Google Analytics 4 has been revised and offers a more intuitive and user-friendly design. In addition, the reporting functions have been expanded to give you even deeper insights into the performance of your website or app.


Moving from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics version 4 brings many benefits and improvements. Improved data integration, enhanced analytics, stronger data protection measures and optimisation for the cookie-less age are just some of the highlights you can look forward to. We therefore recommend that all users of our Google Analytics module update to the latest version and benefit from the new functions. If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to help you at any time.

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