Provide microdata for Google Shopping in OXID eShop

Provide microdata for Google Shopping in OXID eShop

In addition to your data feeds, in order for you to provide an excellent user experience for Google users and to ensure a good return on your investment, your product data sent to Google Shopping must accurately describe your store's product range and correctly reflect the current status of your goods on the landing pages.

Because there have been latency issues in the past, i.e., differences between the data in Google and the data in the store systems, Google has decided to use microdata to make the product data directly readable from the stores' landing pages. The advantage is obvious: even if your data feed is from some time ago, Google can crawl the URL to see if the data is still up-to-date and if differences can be found, Google can update the data instead of temporarily blocking the item in question in Google Shopping.

Google recommends the use of this micro data for Google Shopping landing pages

This screenshot shows the microdata recommended by the Google Merchant Center as they can be embedded in the shop invisible to the visitor.

So werden die Mikrodaten unsichtbar für den User eingebunden

OXID module: Google Merchant Center

Up to now, the Google Merchant Center OXID Module has only extended the backend of the OXID eShop with some views and settings levels. In the latest version of the module, it is now also possible to extend an OXID template of the article detail page in the shop with micro data invisible to visitors. This option can be switched on and off in the module settings in the OXID Administration, depending on whether you have already integrated microdata or not. The microdata will be added to the template block "details_productmain_tobasket", where normally the "Add to cart" button is located. Visually the code does not affect any design or functionality and is completely invisible. Only the source code contains the information for the Google Shopping Crawler. The implementation was done exactly according to Google's specifications.

Mikrodaten für Google Shopping in den Moduleinstellungen des Google Merchant Center Oxid Moduls aktivieren oder deaktivieren

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