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Trade internationally with OXID eShop

With a multilingual online shop solution, we open the door to international trade for you. The powerful and innovative shop system is ideal for internationally operating e-commerce companies.


We lay the foundation for your global business success

Many languages, one shop

OXID eShop is designed for multilingual operation from the basic version Community Edition.

Multi-domain capable shop

Languages in the shop can be operated on their own country domains or share domains.

Multi-shop architecture

Multi-shop systems with OXID eShop can be managed conveniently and centrally in one administration.

International SEO optimised

With OXID eShop your international shops and their contents are optimally readable for search engines.

Ready for Cloud Hosting

With the high load option, your webshop is optimally prepared for operation across several data centres.

AI assisted translation

By using artificial intelligence, you can now translate your shop into over 20 languages.

OXID eShop

Excellent for international online retailers

Highly available
– Cloud hosting capable

OXID eShop can be operated fail-safe in the cloud and scaled automatically during peak loads.

- All countries, all languages

Overcome walls and borders, open your shop in all countries and languages of your choice.

- AI supported system

By using artificial intelligence and deep learning, we support you in global competition.


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