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Within our walls, it is not only the everyday hustle and bustle that is palpable, but also a deep atmosphere of cohesion and cooperation that is reflected in every corner and every relationship. When we were presented with the opportunity to establish a partnership with Stuttgarter Kickers - a well-known and esteemed football club - it was immediately clear to us that this was not just a conventional business relationship. It was as if a door opened in front of us that connected two worlds: our tireless passion for sport and our firm belief in the value and strength of communities. It was a rare and precious opportunity to link these two matters of the heart in a way that reflected both our corporate philosophy and our personal values.

The Gazi Stadium: A Witness to Football History

The Gazi Stadium on the Waldau, with its picturesque atmosphere and distinctive architecture, has stood proudly for decades as the steadfast home of Stuttgarter Kickers football club. Over the years, this impressive stadium has served as a silent witness to numerous football stories. It has seen victories and defeats, tears of joy and broken hearts, and its walls could tell so many stories of historic moments, heroic players and unforgettable matches. Amidst all this overwhelming history and the many memories that have accumulated here, we too had the extraordinary honour and privilege of adding our own unique chapter to the annals of this legendary stadium.

On that day, the sky above the stadium was a clear and beautiful blue that perfectly complemented the action below. The turf presented itself in a lush and manicured green that underlined the significance of the day. As we entered the stadium, we were greeted by an impressive crowd of fans and club members. It was obvious that many of them had come to share and celebrate this special moment with us. Everyone present contributed to the unique atmosphere that made this day unforgettable.

A symbolic moment: The scarf handover

One of the most defining events of the day was undoubtedly the moment when our esteemed CEO and founder, Michael Felber , was presented with the official scarf of the association. For us Netensians, this scarf was not just a piece of cloth. It symbolised the community and the passion that unites every individual in the Kickers community. It was a profound moment of pride and recognition because it reflected the values and commitment we bring to our daily work and partnerships, such as the one with the Kickers. It was a confirmation for all of us of the hard work and commitment that Michael and the whole team at Netensio show on a daily basis.

It is with a profound sense of pride and gratitude that we reflect on the start of our partnership with Stuttgarter Kickers this season. Although our collaboration is still fresh, we already feel a strong connection and share common goals and visions. Our relationship with the Kickers goes beyond purely business interactions; it is characterised by shared values and a desire to grow and prosper together. We are full of optimism and look forward to what the future holds for both of us. Because we are convinced that if we join forces, both on and off the field, we can achieve great things. That is why we are looking forward to the coming years and the many opportunities that will open up through our cooperation.

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