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On Friday, 21 March 2022, Henry Göttler (CEO of OXID eSales) and Domenico Mercuri (Partner Manager of Netensio GmbH of OXID eSales) met at the offices of Netensio GmbH . The aim of their visit was to talk to Michael Felber in a relaxed atmosphere about various topics, such as the future focus and reorientation of OXID eSales as well as an exchange of both ideas and solutions and the planning of future projects.

A sporty start

At the beginning of the meeting, the three participants decided to start with a game of table tennis. This unconventional method of starting a business meeting may seem unusual at first glance. However, it is symbolic of a modern and innovative approach to business. In the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of e-commerce, such fresh approaches are not only desirable, but often necessary to achieve lasting success and come out on top.

As the table tennis match was underway and each point won was greeted with enthusiasm, another essential aspect of the meeting became apparent: beyond business discussions, it is equally important to cultivate human connections, to network effectively and not to forget the fun factor. It is a reminder that successful business relationships are often based on personal connections and shared experiences.

From game to strategy

After the initial relaxed atmosphere was created by the table tennis game, the meeting moved into a more intensive working phase. The aim was to define concrete strategies and plans for the upcoming period. The discussion topics were varied and reflected the current challenges and opportunities in the sector.

Partner development: In the modern business world, inter-business collaboration is more than just desirable - it has become essential. By working together, companies can benefit from common resources, create synergies and enrich each other by sharing experiences and best practices. The intensity of the discussions and exchanges during the meeting indicated that all participants recognised the value of this partnership and were interested in continuing to strengthen and expand it.

Project planning 2022: The coming financial year was a key topic of discussion. Specific projects to be implemented in 2022 were presented and discussed. Questions about technology integration, marketing strategies to be pursued and ways to focus even more on the customer were discussed in detail. It was obvious that each company was keen to further optimise its processes and offerings.

The future of e-commerce with the OXID eSales Framework: The e-commerce industry is in a constant state of flux, driven by technological innovation and changing customer needs. The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss future trends and developments such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and other advanced technologies that have the potential to profoundly change online commerce. The importance of being open to new things and proactively adapting to constant change in the industry was emphasised in order to remain successful in the long term.

Closing remarks

The meeting at the premises of Netensio was not just a routine business meeting. It provided a platform for participants with experience and expertise in the e-commerce sector to share their thoughts and perspectives on the future development of the sector.

At the beginning of the meeting, a game of table tennis set a relaxed mood before moving on to the more serious agenda items. This shows that even in a professional context there is room for informal interactions that can help create an open and productive atmosphere for discussion.

During the meeting, various aspects of e-commerce and possible future strategies were discussed. It is expected that the insights and ideas gained during these discussions will pave the way for future projects and innovations in this field. It remains to be seen what concrete initiatives and measures will result from this meeting.

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