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Customer success story

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Optikplus relies on the expertise of Netensio : Successful development and optimisation of the online shop for contact lenses

Optikplus is a successful contact lens online shop from Stuttgart that specialises in the sale of high-quality contact lenses. To further expand its online business and strengthen its presence in the digital space, the company decided to use the services of the e-commerce agency Netensio .

Netensio had helped Optikplus enhance its online presence by creating a user-friendly and modern website. The agency also helped optimise the website for search engine optimisation, which helped the website to be found better in search results. By implementing advanced analytics tools, Optikplus has been able to better understand how its website users interact and which products are most popular.

Netensio has also helped Optikplus build and maintain relationships with social media. By creating engaging content and using targeted advertising campaigns, Optikplus has been able to increase its reach and reach more potential customers.

Optikplus Experiences steady growth through collaboration with Netensio and establishes itself as one of the leading online shops for contact lenses

The cooperation with Netensio has helped Optikplus to record steady growth and establish itself as a leading online shop for contact lenses. Customers appreciate the easy navigation on the website, the fast and reliable delivery and the comprehensive product range. Optikplus is very satisfied with the cooperation with Netensio and plans to continue using the agency's services to further expand its online business.


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