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Customer success story

Selling medical technology successfully online

Professional medical technology for practices and hospitals

Steri-Shop is a medical technology online shop that has been successfully working with the online shop agency Netensio for many years. Netensio has helped Steri-Shop to improve and optimise its online shop by implementing search servers, connection to the ERP system, responsive design and optimisations of the ordering process, among other things.

By implementing a powerful search server, Steri-Shop's customers could now find the products they wanted faster and easier. In addition, Netensio connected Steri-Shop's online shop to the ERP system, which automated the management of orders and stock levels, thus increasing efficiency.

Selling medical technology and products focusing on cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation in an online shop optimised for mobile devices.

Another important project was the conversion of Steri-Shop's online shop to a responsive design. This has helped to ensure that the online shop is optimally displayed on every device, thus improving the user experience.

By streamlining the ordering process, Netensio has ensured that orders could be placed faster and easier, minimising the risk of errors when ordering.

Overall, the collaboration with Netensio has helped Steri-Shop's online shop to be faster, more user-friendly and efficient, thus strengthening customer loyalty. Steri-Shop is very satisfied with the long-standing cooperation with Netensio and appreciates the expertise and constant support in the further development of the online shop.


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