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Customer success story

HP specialist partner for over 15 years with complete conviction

Have you also had enough of continuous hotline loops and advice deserts?

Then you've come to the right place. From us you get the contrast programme, so to speak. My name is Michael Neumann and I have been running mineutec together with my father for over 15 years.

Just as we manage our company personally, we also take your enquiry personally. If you wish, you can also contact the boss directly at any time. We have a clear core competence: We have been HP specialist partners for over 15 years with complete conviction. For you, this means: We make sure that the power and the enormous range of services offered by the world market leader also reach you locally.

We have been embedded in the HP organisation for many years, so that we can offer you numerous exclusive advantages - including attractive conditions for the latest products. For small and medium-sized companies, we offer individual service and maintenance in addition to the exclusive purchase of equipment.

"Gee Micha, isn't it dangerous to be so committed to a certain brand?" I heard this question more often from my circle of friends in the beginning. My answer has remained the same in the past as it is today. Basically, I was enthusiastic about HP even as a little boy. I was totally proud of my first own colour printer (an HP DeskJet 850c!). And this enthusiasm has increased even more over the years - the more intensively I have worked with HP.

"I've been excited about HP since I was a little boy."

HP, as the original IT specialist, is simply damn innovative. The printer is seen more as an IT component than just a copy machine - and accordingly these devices can do so much more. And they are also so easy to operate. The innovative strength also includes: HP is one of the most sustainable companies in the world (currently number 2 in the sustainability ranking).

Enough about HP. My team and I will be happy to take a close look at what you need - what you really need! That often makes a difference. Rest assured: We will advise you openly and honestly - and will not let you languish in an anonymous waiting loop later (once the order is signed and sealed). Put your hand on it!


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