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Customer story

Cycling, climbing & love of mountains and adrenaline

Always available and always a sympathetic ear for all challenges

As an enthusiastic operator of the Gravity-Sports bike and cycling clothing online shop, I was looking for a professional e-commerce agency that could help me successfully build my business on the internet. I wanted a shop that was user-friendly and would allow my customers to quickly and easily find the products they were looking for. I chose Netensio because I was impressed by their reputation and experience in the industry.

I have found a strong partner in Netensio, who supports me from the beginning, is always available and has an open ear for all requirements and challenges. They helped me to further develop my OXID online shop and optimise it so that it is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Thanks to their help, my customers were able to find and buy the products they wanted faster.

Technically and professionally a competent partner

Netensio has also ensured that my shop works well in conjunction with our merchandise management. They have overcome the technical pitfalls and helped me to optimise my daily processes more and more. This has given me more time to expand my site and more attention to the needs of my customers.

Another challenge of the cooperation was the replacement of third-party implementations, which were often faulty and did not work correctly. Netensio replaced the affected extensions with their own software and thus helped us to optimise our marketing strategy and to bring our system to a technically higher level.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my cooperation with Netensio. They have helped me to successfully build and expand my business on the internet. I am convinced that the cooperation will also be of great benefit in the future and I am looking forward to further successful projects.


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