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Once a year, the OXID Commons calls developers & operators & e-commerce fans to the exhibition centre in Freiburg im Breisgau. In addition to the usual vendor stands, module developers were also able to present the latest shop extensions on the OXID eXchange Stage. Towards the end of the day, as every year, prizes were awarded to the best nominated shops. We did not miss the opportunity and are back for you with our impressions of the Commons from Freiburg.


Under the banner, quickly heading towards the entrance, we are greeted with our name cards after presenting our tickets. There is a lot of activity around us. We go on our first tour of the stands, meet Tim Schommer, our OXID UG supporter.


The possibilities of ready developed addon software are limitless. Just as countless are the modules that are already provided in the OXID eXchange platform. The more extensive the software becomes, the more difficult it is to communicate the advantages of its use to the buyers. With the eXchange Stage, OXID offers module manufacturers a platform to speak directly to trade fair customers, for me a kind of Reality 2.0! We will certainly use this next year for one or two module presentations.


Congratulations to the agency startup for the developers of - who attended the OXID certification in Halle at the same time as Netensio . was facelifted with the requirement to generate a responsive template structure from a rigid template base without changing the design too much as the cover version was already well optimised. The conversion figures adapted to the user habits in the statistics and increased on smartphones by up to 80%, on tablets a somewhat smaller increase was recorded.


E-commerce expert panel on the development of retail

Where will we be in 2020 if today's facts and figures are taken into account? Will we still be able to shop in a shop or will we order via our smartphones? At the OXID Commons, experts took part in a discussion and e-commerce science fiction round. The different origins of the panellists shed light on the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce in relation to community commerce. However, apart from a common prognosis on the further growth of online trade, the participants did not come to a clear opinion. So it remains to be seen what e-commerce 2020 will bring us.

Verleihung des Oxid Best Solution Awards 2014

What would the OXID Commons be without the presentation of the Best Solution Awards. Among the nominated shop projects, an interesting project called won in the category Best Branding.

The food was very varied and allowed enough combinations to satisfy even the most critical palate. With a live band and beer, the Commons comes to an end and we go to the hotel. Tomorrow morning the Unconference is on the agenda and we want to be fit.

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